Scene of the Week – 27 June-22 July

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Now, it’s safe to say that very few of us have approved of Piper’s behaviour lately. In trying to prove her parents wrong, all she’s done is prove them right with a series of immature and rash decisions that have blown up in her face. Not only has she ruined her parents’ trust in her and her judgement: she ultimately lost Tyler. Tyler has always loved Piper’s maturity (as have we!) but the formal and her desperation to bring Tyler along placed a bomb under their blossoming romance. It culminated with Piper inadvertently pushing Tyler into the (reasonably innocent) arms of Elly, who got drenched for her flirtation and getting dumped by Tyler. While we’d love nothing more than to see the pair together after all this time, it’s clear she has a bit of growing up to do. The break-up scene was performed beautifully by Mavournee and Travis who make a really compelling, watchable pair onscreen. The dialogue was well-written and had the depth and maturity Piper has sorely missed these last few weeks. We really hope the pair can work things out but sadly it seems Paige is on the horizon again…



Scene of the Week – 13-24 June 2016

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It was a long time coming but finally, after months of sashaying around in the same, dated white suit, throwing Scottish shade and blowing up hotels, Julie Quill got what was coming to her – a well deserved slap in the face. For you see, not only was she responsible for emotionally devastating us by accidentally killing Josh and make us weep into our late-night special bowl of crisps, but by proxy, managed to come between Terese and Paul’s blossoming relationship – and that is unforgivable. While we can’t deny we were also wishing Terese would get a chance to publicly attack Julie as she did to Paul on the regular, it was Piper who got a chance to shine this time. And boy, did she. We’ve often talked about how big of an asset the talented Mavournee Hazel is and she did not let us down. She delivered a fantastic emotional performance as grieving Piper and we cheered as she absolutely walloped Julie across the face. It was a brilliant scene, and a fitting climax to months of build-up. Now please let Paul and Terese be okay…

Scene of the Week – 30 May-10 June 2016

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As long time Neighbours viewers (longer than we’d care to admit), it’s safe to say that we’re very rarely shocked at Neighbours or their presentation of scenes. One recent exception was the gritty and gruesome UK version of Josh’s death, and this past week we saw another. It’s impossible not to feel sorry for Paul. As much as he’s done some terrible things in the past, he’s genuinely innocent this time and to see him lose his money, his business, his new romance, and his freedom the space of a few months has been a tough watch. Even tougher this week, however, was the scene that took place post-sentencing where Paul stripped naked and prepared to be searched. We’ve never seen more any more vulnerable than this and we were shocked by how blunt and powerful the scene was directed and portrayed. The incredibly rare sight of Paul taking his prosthetic off and indeed, the first time we’ve ever seen him onscreen without his leg was a fantastic, devastating image and one we won’t forget any time soon.

Scene of the Week – 9-27 May 2016

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It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this moment would be our Scene of the Week. As if we could think of anything else after witnessing this! Ned has spent a fair few of his scenes topless, hanging out by the pool and giving Lauren meaningful looks, but he stepped it up again this week by hanging out the washing in the buff and then dropping his towel. Lauren chose this moment to walk into the garden and oops got a sight of Ned completely starkers. Oops. Owing to the ridiculous and frankly alarming levels of sexual chemistry between them, Lauren lingered and stared for a little longer than was needed and Ned took the opportunity to bask in this attention. Sadly for all of us, Neighbours is family viewing so we didn’t get to witness what made Lauren get all hot and bothered and once she was back inside, he wrapped the towel back round himself. But let’s just say this is a scene we won’t forget in a hurry. And neither – understandably – will Lauren.


Scene of the Week – 25 April-6 May 2016

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It feels like we’re praising the aftermath of the dramatic Josh death scenes and the fabulous Rebekah Elmaloglou every week, and we are, but it’s only because they deserve it. This week our favourite scene simply had to be the moment where Brad and Terese mourned their son together. As is the nature of the soap beast, Brad and Terese have spent a lot of the immediate aftermath separately, Terese dealing with Paul and Brad naturally preoccupied with Ned. Therefore it was great to see a scene of the pair together united in their grief. Terese laying on the sofa crying felt so relatable, so believable and so raw. Away from the distractions of work, and of her relationship with Paul, she collapsed in her grief and there’s something so very real about the scene and something we don’t often see on Neighbours. Ordinarily grief is quickly glossed over so it’s great to see that this isn’t the case and despite their business, neither Brad or Terese are coping well with the loss of their son. Whilst we’re glad Terese has long since moved on from Brad, it was nice to see a scene of love and tenderness between the two, and a reminder of the 20 years they did have together.

Scene of the Week – 11-22 April 2016

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This may not have been the first time Paul got some home truths but we’ll be damned if it wasn’t one of the most powerful. Our favourite scene, among many many candidates simply had to be Terese tearing into Paul and delivering a damning character indictment. One of the reasons we’ve always loved the idea of Paul and Terese is that she isn’t like many of the other woman in his past. Terese isn’t weak, or easily fooled, and refuses to let Paul walk all over her or be easily plied. Even though we know he’s innocent, we loved Terese angrily tearing Paul apart, and pointedly calling him out on the many shortcomings she’s witnessed in their few short years as colleagues. What made the scene even better is knowing Terese has begun to fall in love with Paul and feels betrayed at the thought of him being involved in Josh’s death thus making her condemnation all the more damning. Who knows when the pair will manage to come back from this but we love every second of Rebekah Elmaloglou and Stefan Dennis’ onscreen chemistry.

Scene of the Week – 28 March-1 April 2016

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Xanthe Canning has quickly become one of our favourites in Neighbours lately and she really gave us a good giggle this week with her hilariously unsubtle crush on newly returned Ben Kirk. Having begrudgingly agreed to a shift at Harold’s Xanthe wasn’t in the best of moods, almost completely blanking the Kennedys when they mentioned introducing her to their grandson Ben. But at that very moment Xanthe turned and like something out of a cheesy rom-com, Xanthe clapped eyes on Ben and it was love at first sight. So much so she even dropped her plates, in slow-mo. It was a brilliant scene full of humour, even more so to see Xanthe continue her flustered flirting and later swooning that Ben is all the best bits of 5SOS combined. Swoon away Xanthe, you’re a lot of fun.