Quote of the Week – 5-16 Oct 2015

quoteof theweek

Terese: By the way, has she found a place to hang that sketch of yours? I’ve got the perfect place. In place of Matt. Out with the old and in with the new.

Terese throws the ultimate shade at Brad and Lauren.


Hits and Misses – 29 June-3 July 2015



Sharon Shock

er37_0003_Layer 2  This week saw the return of the much-loved Sharon Canning as she finally spilled the beans about her afternoon delight with Matt to grieving wife Lauren – and it was brilliant. While Brad’s behaviour continues to be incredibly out of line and Terese is far too forgiving of his inability to spend more than 15 minutes away from Lauren, we’ve been waiting for this secret to be revealed since Matt died and it’s not been a moment too soon. Lauren vs. Sharon was fantastic, as were Sharon’s pointed remarks about Lauren’s friendship with Terese and Terese’s own ulterior motives. While Lauren and Terese shared an emotional heart-to-heart and seem to have put their issues behind them, we wonder how long it will last. We’re also glad that Lauren came to realise that despite Matt’s infidelity, he was a good man. Damning him entirely with this recent news would be hugely unfair given Lauren and Brad’s own indiscretion…


er37_0004_Layer 1Their working relationship didn’t get off to the greatest start this week but there’s something really likeable about the Kyle and Amy team work this week. It was a clash of personalities and misunderstandings but we think there’s real potential there for a fun friendship. Kyle’s a bit of a loveable loser but he could really do with someone to boss him about a bit at work and Amy could be the one, as long as she doesn’t keep interfering and rock the boat. We really like Amy already but she’s quite stroppy and maybe Kyle would be a good balance to that too as we know how laid back he can be! We just hope Neighbours doesn’t go down the predictable route of having them fall for each other now that Georgia is in Germany!

Aaron Brennan

er37_0002_Layer 4This week also saw the arrival of what is fast becoming an increasing presence on the show – another Brennan brother! I think it’s fair to saw that few of us saw the point of Brennan joining the regular cast just as Kate was brutally shot dead but it seems their perseverance with the character is paying off as they begin to build a family around him. We already like the much more mellow Tyler and it seems Aaron is in the same mould. Gay stripper Aaron already seems like a fun addition to the show and we live in hope that two fun-loving Brennans finally manage to save Mark from the pits of boring cop stories. We also really liked Aaron’s scenes with Nate, who we’re sure he’ll be dating in record time as is the Neighbours tradition. Until then however we loved their obvious incompatibility and lack of anything in common. And lest we forget, adding “Dirty Gertie” to the Neighbours universe is something we’ll be forever thankful for.


Wet Blanket

er36_0000_Layer 6Amber. Just when will her reign of “drama”” end? Don’t get us wrong, both Daniel and Josh particularly are acting out of line. Both men treat Amber like a possession and little thought is given to her feelings but Amber really doesn’t help matters. Neighbours is a soap renowned for its strong female characters. Ask any fan and they could list you dozens of iconic female characters who are strong-willed, independent, funny, clever or all of the above. Then there’s Amber, probably one of the wettest, most bland characters in the show’s history. Rather than taking control of her own life and telling Daniel and Josh a thing or two, kicking both of them out until they can learn to live with their current situation, Amber continues to let them walk all over her, constantly snipe in every scene and make her feel worse. Backbone for Amber please.

No Substance

er37_0001_Layer 5Is there a worse plot than the over-used dodgy substance plot?! As if Josh’s part in the terrible baby story wasn’t bad enough he’s now become embroilled in a deathly dull substance plot. We just can’t work out why we’re supposed to want Josh to provide for Amber and the baby when he just comes across as so controlling and now he’s going to these stupid and extreme lengths to raise cash and compete with Daniel. We’re sure Terese and Brad aren’t that short of cash and all Josh is going to do is end up in more debt and now that Kyle has eyed up Josh’s very dodgy supplies we’re just moments away from a big drug disaster. This plot is predictable and dull and does zero favours for Josh as a character. He could at least do with a fun plot away from this triangle rubbish.

Scene of the Week – 20-24 April 2015

sceneof theweek
Another fantastic scene dealing with the aftermath of Matt’s death saw Lauren comfort Bailey over his grief and him apologise for trashing Matt’s memorial. It was impossible not to be moved by their discussion about how unfair and pointless Matt’s death was and once again we were incredibly impressed by Kate Kendall and Calen Mackenzie’s performances. It’s been a while in Neighbours since a young adult has had to cope with the death of a parent and Bailey’s unstable, angry and lost reaction has been a real highlight of the show giving a realistic picture of how someone might cope with such a shocking and needless death. We’re glad that in the wake of tragedy we’ve been given some meaty and emotional scenes that have made Lauren and Bailey shine.

Hits and Misses – 13-17 April 2015



Funeral for a Friend

er26_0001_Layer-2In another week of high emotion, we witnessed Matt Turner’s funeral and although far from an iconic character, we were really impressed by the effort made with the character’s farewell. Having seemingly learnt a lesson from the mistakes made with Kate’s and Priya’s funerals (rushed, and non-existent respectively) it was great to see Matt get a traditional Neighbours send-off. There was some wonderful emotional moments with Lauren and Bailey, played fantastically by Kate and Calen, and even better it was great to see a proper turn-out at the service. As Neighbours fans we’re used to seeing notable absences at weddings and funerals but instead everyone who would’ve been there was there – and that makes a huge difference in terms of believability. He may have been far from our favourite character but it’s great to see a regular given the respect and emotion they needed with such a shock exit.


er26_0004_Layer-1It’s been a tough time for poor Nate lately with the end of his relationship with Chris and we were worried that Chris’s departure would leave Nate in a precarious position – it’s no secret that Nate hasn’t been quite as well integrated as some of the other new cast. However we were wrong to be worried as it seems Nate is finally beginning to develop a really natural and fun friendship with fellow newbie Tyler. In comparison to boring Brennan, it’s refreshing to see two of the younger cast having fun instead of getting hung up on their jobs or romance difficulties. It helps that the actors have a really natural and fun chemistry together and we’re pleased to see it bring out a whole new side of Nate. More of this bromance please!

Nurse Naomi

er26_0003_Layer-3Who wouldn’t love a very glam and entertaining woman like Naomi as their PA and secret keeper? She’s been an amazing assistant and friend to Paul this week as he suffers through Nick’s scheme and we can’t help but fall more and more in love with her as the weeks go on. No wonder Paul wants her around she’s the perfect pick me up, ever when Paul chucked his guts up over her dress (yuck!). We’re hoping that it’s not long before Naomi realises what Dr Nick is up to because seeing Paul so ill and fragile is hard going, but his scenes with Naomi have been so enjoyable.


Kill Joy

er26_0002_Layer-4We know that Brennan’s the good cop and being the good guy isn’t always fun, but we’re just so tired of his grouchy kill joy approach to everything. Granted it hasn’t helped that much of his time has been tied up in the Dimato plot but this week we also had him nagging at his brother and being off with Naomi too. Fine, Tyler is a bit immature and needs a steer in the right direction and Naomi has been letting him down to help Paul but Brennan’s been so uptight lately when you think he’d be happy to be back in blue. We enjoy Brennan scenes when he’s getting ratty over cleaning or he’s having a laugh but he just seems to have lost that fun factor lately.

Squashed Dimato

er26_0000_Layer-5This week finally saw the end (we hope!) of the Dimato plot and we have to wonder, are we the only ones questioning the point? Setting aside the fact that basing a story around the bland Brennan, Matt and a guest character was never going to be a hit but surely the story should’ve had some long term consequences? It could’ve had led to some really interesting drama for Matt and Lauren’s marriage but with Matt’s death, it no longer mattered. And had Matt’s death been Dimato related, we could understand it but he was coincidentally killed by an unrelated character. So with all that in mind, was it really worth putting us through weeks and weeks of boring threads outside Grease Monkeys? We think not.

Scene of the Week – 13-17 April 2015

sceneof theweek
We’ve always been huge fans of adorkable nerd Bailey Turner and have enjoyed watching him grow up. This week saw Bailey play a very emotional part in his father’s funeral and Calen Mackenzie got to show off his excellent acting chops once more and really impressed us. We remember well Bailey’s hatred of public speaking but he talked about this, explained his fears and the strength he gained from Matt’s guidance and it really helped to sell his moving tribute to his dad. It worked well to have him talk so honestly about the differences he and Matt had and made the funeral feel very genuine. Even though we were never the biggest Matt fans, Bailey made us feel like Ramsay Street had lost someone special.

Hits and Misses – 6-10 April 2015



Turner Tragedy

er25_0002_Layer-2This week we waved goodbye to Matt Turner and I think it’s fair to say after the rushed and underplayed response (apart from Paul’s fantastic depression arc) to Kate’s untimely death, we were all wondering how the show would deal with Matt’s death. We were pleased to see Neighbours learn from last year’s mistakes by both giving us a proper response to Matt’s death in the aftermath episodes and not rushing into the funeral and jumping ahead in the timeline, thereby sacrificing dramatic potential. Kate Kendall gave a powerful and raw performance as always and in particular her scenes with Tom Oliver tugged at our heartstrings. Matt’s death also meant that Amber’s self pity over her non wedding was put into perspective and we were really happy to see Calen Mackenzie give his best performance so far as Bailey struggled with his father’s death. With the funeral to come and Sharon still around, we can’t wait to see what developments the next few weeks bring.

Tension Down the Well

er25_0000_Layer-4The well plot was pretty ridiculous and we spent time last week moaning about it, however our minds were almost changed this week as we found ourselves pretty gripped by the cliffhanger and tension surrounding the drama. Even though we knew there was no possible way Daniel and Imogen wouldn’t make it, as the water started pouring and Imogen began hallucinating we couldn’t help but be gripped. Switching between the scenes in the well (great set!) and over ground where a clueless Josh and Kyle continued with their mission to drain the lake, oblivious to the trapped pair, was a great touch. We think Tim Phillips and Ariel Kaplan did a great job convincing us of their plight. Great scenes.

Bailey and Alice

er25_0003_Layer-1Space Alice was back this week and completely clueless to Bailey’s grief over his dad’s death as she berated him for not being around on social media. We’ve always been big fans of Bailey and Alice so we were thrilled to see them reunited even in such sad circumstances. As Bailey pretended everything was fine to cope with his pain, Alice carried on in her usual manner only aware of Bailey’s problems when he grew a little hot and heavy. Bailey’s final breakdown was incredibly simple and moving – Calen Mackenzie did a great job and left us feeling genuinely choked up.


Cheerio Christos!

er25_0004_BackgroundThis week saw everyone’s favourite injury-prone mechanic Chris Pappas leave Ramsay Street for good to start a new life in New York with baby mama Lucy Robinson. We are pretty sorry to see Chris leave Neighbours as our freckled friend made quite the impact as Neighbours’ first regular gay character, but we were pleased he had a fairly upbeat exit. Sadly Chris leaving meant a disappointing and rather rushed end to the rather touching Chris and Nate relationship which we had grown rather fond of. Chris’s final scenes with his friends were nice (although Josh’s inclusion was a little strange considering the history) although we think the obligatory ‘taxi goodbye’ scene might have been a nice touch.

Driving Miss Danni

er25_0001_Layer-3Now, don’t get us wrong, we know Neighbours has a limited cast for budgetary reasons and that also includes guest cast. Therefore if a recurring or guest cast member pops up, it usually means there’s a proper purpose for them. This was nowhere more evident this week when Danni Ferguson popped out of the Erinsborough black hole of guest cast to promptly run Matt over. We are big fans of Danni and at one point suggested she be made a regular and while it is great to see her get her biggest story so far (and potentially her final story), we would’ve liked to have seen her establish a bit more of a regular presence at the garage before the story began. But if having Danni around meant we lost out of the recent influx of returnees then the right decision was made! That said, we’d have happily sacrificed a Dimato appearance or two if it meant some more Danni!

Scene of the Week – 6-10 April 2015

sceneof theweek
There was only one option for our favourite scene this week and of course it was the shocking moment where Matt Turner was knocked down by Danni Ferguson. Now we’ve been very open about our thoughts on Matt’s character in the past but recent weeks have finally seen the character come to life, ironically just before he died. The hit and run was a fantastic exit for Matt. His rivalry with Brad has been one of the character’s most memorable plots and it seemed fitting that Matt’s final conscious moments were spent arguing with Brad about Lauren – with Brad once again caring a little too much. Even better was the fact that the production really made an effort into making the accident look real and a far cry from far too many dodgy looking moments of a similar ilk. Ringo, we’re looking at you. While Matt may not be the show’s most memorable character, he certainly got a memorable exit.