Hits and Misses – 25 April-6 May 2016



Ned Willis

er68_0004_Layer-5Ned Willis is hands down our favourite thing about Neighbours right now. Not only does he have the whole brooding and slightly mysterious thing going on, but Ben Hall is charismatic and really bringing everything to the role. The hard-done-by kid can come across as slightly bratty (see: Paige) but somehow Ned is sympathetic, watchable AND we’re enjoying his slightly unhinged ways too like when he flipped out and trashed Josh’s grave. We are LIVING for the sizzling scenes between Ned and Lauren too. She might just be helping to fix his relationship with Brad, but he’s definitely got a crush and the chemistry is off the charts. Lauren’s probably a bit too straight laced to go there but we really wish she would. And who could blame her? If someone that good looking was hanging about in the pool we’d not be able to say no either! Reports are saying Ned is only a guest character and we think this is a huge mistake. Ned has made a great impression already and he’d be a real asset to Neighbours if he stuck around.

Happy Ever After

er68_0004_Layer-1After all the Willis heartache lately it was lovely to see light at the end of the tunnel for poor Imogen. We had a nice blast from the past when she received a text from Naomi offering her a job in LA and of course, in true Neighbours style, she had only a matter of days to decide and move away for good. In need of a visa (and also because they love each other) Daniel and Imogen decided to get married in secret, but again – being Neighbours – their families found out and in record time the Willis house was converted into a pretty wedding venue. Luckily Terese had her old dress knocking around and it fitted Imogen without so much as an alteration needed! Amazing! With Susan on hand and emotional speeches the wedding was a lovely, heart-warming affair and although we were really sad to see the pair leave, we were just glad it was a happy ending for them. It’s Imogen who we think will leave the biggest hole in Erinsborough for us as Ariel Kaplan brought such warmth to the role that even in her most self-righteous moments we loved uptight Imogen and her brainy ways. She’s the kind of girl we’d have liked to be friends with and a down to earth character who’ll be sorely missed.

Changed Opinion

er68_0004_Layer-4Tyler and Piper (Typer?) have really grown on us in the last few weeks. Piper has settled down lately and in the wake of Josh and Doug’s death we’ve seen a more mature side to her and with that the chemistry between her and Tyler has grown. Tyler was super shady believing he was responsible for the Lassiters explosion (although now we know he’s innocent, phew!) and spent a few episodes being shifty around her, but Pipes was oblivious, just happy to get close to him again. One reason we’ve found ourselves warming to the pair of them is that this no longer feels like Piper’s silly schoolgirl crush but a mutual affection that runs a bit deeper. Sure, there’s the age gap situation, but they seem pretty well suited. The scene which really stood out was when Piper was torn – relieved Tyler was innocent but hurt that he’d lied. Their relationship has changed now, but here’s hoping it can get back on track.


Please Don’t Return

er68_0004_Layer-2We’ve waxed lyrical in the past about the arguable successes and failures regarding Daniel, the son of the iconic Scott and Charlene. Whilst some things worked about the character, a lot didn’t and it’s fair to say he perhaps didn’t live up to the massive expectations on his shoulders and perhaps no one could. With that in mind, one character that’s certain never to live up to her parents’ legacy is the dreadful Madison Robinson. In one of the most head scratching decisions we’ve seen in a long time, Madison arrived and immediately disappointed. We’re not going to get into the discussion of the acting skills of Sarah Ellen but what we will note is the failure to show any kind of longer term potential for the character. Madison doesn’t seem like the fiery daughter, journalist type she was supposedly being characterised as. She appeared more like a clothes horse who gifted Xanthe her entire wardrobe (seriously, who does that?) and delivered some terribly twee advice. When she promised Paul she’d be back, we were left hoping she’d get lost on the way.

Awful Angus

er68_0004_Layer-3We’ve loved the return of Sarah and the plot has improved immeasurably once Sarah stopped messing Karl and Susan about and revealed the truth behind her return. We were glad that Karl was able to pull some strings and hopefully save Sarah’s life and we thought the idea of Sarah leaving her son temporarily with the Kennedys was a really interesting move. It’s just a shame that son was Angus! He wasted no time in ruffling feathers, particularly those of Ben, who found himself robbed of Tom Quill’s money. Angus’s personality is rude, abrasive and antagonistic. And that’s without discussing that horrendous accent! There’s little joy in watching him complain about his situation and make creepy moves on Xanthe, who quite frankly can do better than Sarah’s brat of a son. We hope Karl and Susan manage to reform Angus ASAP and that Sarah returns, well and recovering, to usher him away.


Hits and Misses – 21-25 March 2016



Unexpected Romance

er64_0003_Layer-1Steph and Mark hooked up again this week and what can we say, we’re fans. We liked Mark and Paige at the start and we have a love/hate relationship with Mark because let’s face it – he can be quite a boring stickler. But him and Steph seem to have real chemistry, something they were unable to deny last week when their pact to just keep things simple as friends lasted all of five minutes. We weren’t totally sure on Mark as the family man going on picnics with Charlie (even though his babysitting for Nell is really cute) but it’s when Mark and Steph got their flirt on that we really enjoyed their scenes. Even Steph was up for a bit of saucy “handcuff me” role play (which is surprising considering her past, but we’ll let it go) but their bonding scenes were nicely played and we’re interested to see where things go from here – that’s if Paige doesn’t cause more trouble (see below!).

Ditzy Fave

Is it just us or is Xanthe becoming a bit of a star? We’ve long bemoaned er64_0002_Layer-4that Neighbours has lacked one of its most iconic character ‘types’ in recent years – the warm, funny, somewhat ‘dizzy’ blonde. The show has a long tradition of these strong, comedic young females and their presence often livens up many scenes, particularly the teen relationship dramas which do sometimes veer into the less than interesting territory. The last two teen gangs (both awful in our opinions) were made up of the fantastic but not necessarily funny Imogen, the dreadful Amber and the less said about the likes of Summer and Tash, the better. So Xanthe has been a real breath of fresh air and as she settles into the show, she’s become a real stand-out. We loved her absolute ineptitude at Harold’s, her inexplicable ability to hold onto the job and the complete disregard for the customers and indeed, food hygiene. We hope the character continues on this high note and doesn’t succumb to, or bogged down in, forced drama.
Comedy Cameo
er64_0004_BackgroundVery randomly there was a cameo from Andreas this week who appeared to give Imogen something to look at and for Paige to suggest she move on with. Ah Andreas, remember him? He used to work at The Waterhole and Harold’s and had a strange comedy subplot with Sheila where it was revealed he couldn’t speak English and was utterly hopeless at the job. Breaking things, wrong orders and so on. But Sheila liked him. It’s the sort of bonkers plot only Neighbours can do but we loved it at the time. Well he reappeared at the end of last week, complete now with ropey English and an endearing smile. We always love when guest characters and extras make regular appearances, especially someone as sweet and silly as him. Even if Imogen wasn’t ready we could do with seeing Andreas every now and then if there are more deliveries in the street.
Snappy and Unhappy
er64_0001_Layer-3Our long-term readers will we that we’re big fans of Imogen Willis. We even stuck with her through that odd period in where she became obsessed with Mark Brennan and generally made herself a bit of a nuisance but the character soon got back on track and Ariel remains a great screen presence. That said, we can’t be the only ones bored of Imogen and Daniel? The show has done that most annoying of soapy traits but refusing to allow characters to be happy and make any and every hurdle a break-up situation. It’s got to the point where we’re rooting for the characters to be apart because the constant to-ing and fro-ing just isn’t entertaining. What’s worse is that Imogen’s typical neurotic aspects (which we love) have went into overdrive with the character snapping at everyone and generally being all over the place. Why Tyler gives her the time of day between her hot and cold all the time, we have no idea. We can only hope future rumoured events bring back the Imogen we know and love and put her trivial love problems into perspective.
Paige Rage
er64_0000_Layer-5Is there anyone more infuriating in soap right now that Paige Smith? What happened to the fun and independent girl we loved when she first joined? We enjoyed Paige and Mark but since it went sour (and Paige wasn’t entirely blameless here thanks to her sulky immaturity) she’s not behaved to her best. We get it, break ups are hard – even harder when the man you were meant to marry hooks up with a neighbour in record time under your nose. But we’d have more sympathy if she hadn’t been making doe eyes at Tyler last year, talking about having feelings for him and being a petty brat most of the time. She’s showing her worst colours lately in her reaction to Steph and Mark. Using Tyler was another cruel move and the cat fight with Steph made her look even nastier. She’s been a nasty piece of work lately, from her treatment of Sonya and now with this show – claiming Steph only wanted Mark so it would look better for her custody appeal. The irritating thing is, with parents like Brad and Lauren enabling her behaviour she’s not going to grow up anytime soon.

Hits and Misses – 18-29 Jan 2016



The Real Terese Willis

er59_0002_Layer-1Let’s face it, when long running couples break up in Neighbours, one of two things happen. They either become better, more complex, fully rounded individuals (step forward Susan Kennedy) or they stagnate, unable to really move past their defining relationship and live up to past greatness (step forward Lyn Scully… although more on that next week) and when Brad and Terese broke up we were worried. Terese was a great character but could removing the arc at the heart of her characters for so long potentially leave her with nothing to do? Thankfully we are delighted to say our worries were unfounded as Terese successfully made the transition from the better half of a partnership to one hell of a brilliant individual. Number 22 doesn’t feel empty without the traditional set up – if anything, it’s better. Terese rules the roost like a proper matriarch in true soap style. She effortlessly moves between parenting the kids, having heart to hearts with new friend Sonya and seducing Paul Robinson of an evening. The separation has only served to cement Terese’s role as an iconic character of the modern era and a fantastic all rounder. Her new friendships and interactions with Steph and Sonya are great, her willingness to move on from Brad is brilliant and her relationship with Paul has the potential to be fantastic. Last week Sonya questioned who the real Terese Willis is, and frankly we can’t wait to find out.

Classic Comedy

er59_0004_Layer-2You can always always rely on Susan and Karl for some good quality Neighbours comedy. First of all we had Aaron walking in on them playing Doctors and Nurse – complete with costumes – then they won a free stay at Lassiters. Karl being Karl thought he’d take real advantage and try selling off all the freebies to the residents of Ramsay Street who apparently can’t afford fluffy robes! Karl had to live-tweet their experiences to hilarious results and he took the liberty of all the services on offer. So demanding – especially his requests during his pamper session! Susan didn’t appear to be having too much fun and the naughty pair (Blue Box in hand) were thwarted by Daniel in the end.

New Girl

er59_0003_Layer-3We’ve not seen very much of Xanthe Canning yet but we already thinks she could be pretty funny. We quite enjoyed her tottering in her platforms and her bubble-gum look and reckon she’s going to be quite the opponent for Sheila, especially now we know she’s schemeing against her family – yikes! Like father like daughter? We love the Cannings and we could always do with more of them and their big personalities. Now that Kyle needs less guidance in life, Xanthe might be good for Sheila to show off her maternal skills especially as this newbie has trouble written all over her!



er59_0001_Layer-4Daniel was a real pain in the arse this fortnight. Imogen is too good to be messed around but he defined flake these past two weeks. After his hippie drippie musings he decided he couldn’t be with Imogen but he wasn’t happy about her moving on either. That didn’t really stop him from getting so involved in her life when she was trying to have a clean break and do what was best for both of them. Not to mention him cosying up to her to get a look at Paul’s laptop. We’re sure these two are destined to get back together and things seem to be on the up but Daniel needs to work hard to prove to her he’s worthy of her.

Do We Care?

er59_0000_Layer-5While the fabulous Terese has only gone from strength to strength in light of her proper break-up with Brad in the closing weeks of last season, the same can’t be said for Brad and Lauren. We’ve always maintained that the bond between them was based more in nostalgia and a shared link with Paige than any real meat, or drama, or substance to their attraction and indeed, their time as single, available people has done little to disprove this. They umm and ahh and stare and share a multitude of awkward interactions. Yes, there’s some residual drama from not wanting to hurt Terese’s feelings and we do appreciate that display of respect for her but what else is there? There’s no fire there, no passion, no drama. That said, now they’re together we’re glad that brings an end to the skirting around and constant mooning at each other from across the complex. What’s next for Brad and Lauren? Who knows? And, more importantly, do we care when the other potential new pairing, Paul and Terese, seems so much more exciting?

Hits and Misses – 14-18 Dec 2015




er56_0001_Layer-4It was about time wasn’t it? The fall of Paul Robinson. That’s not to say he hasn’t had his own ups and downs this year – being tricked into believing he had cancer was a horrid moment of decline – but the way he behaves in general means he was bound to get his due at some point. It seems quite fitting that his fall from status happened literally too – bye bye penthouse apartment. That’s gotta hurt someone like Paul who prides himself from living on high! We really liked that Daniel admitted to leaking Paul’s wrong doings as having the betrayal come from within the Robinson family really made things worse. Paul has sworn he’ll be back to reclaim Lassiters – and let’s face it he’ll be back for revenge – and we can’t wait to see him fight back. What’s next for Paul? Where will he live? Where will he work? Who else is he going to make his enemy? There’s always something so watchable about Paul that we can count on him for some great stories. Bring on the next year of Paul!

Lou’s Farce

er56_0002_Layer-3We can’t deny we’ve missed Lou in his prolonged absence this year. Now Tom Oliver’s hours have been cut back, we feared Lou was on his way out for good, so it was great to see him back with a bang at the end of this year – and even better, not simply back to support his family but with a story of his own! And in the grand tradition of Lou, it was a bit of a surreal and hilarious farce. Between the “drugs”, his suspected murderer and even the miserable Brennan and Lauren being dragged into the comedy, it was great fun to watch. Our highlight, however? It just had to be the memorial complete with with disbelieving reactions from the congregation, another much-love reference to Karl’s disastrous music career and of course, the brilliant and damning eulogy from Sheila. We looked forward to more of the classic Neighbours comedy in 2015 and hopefully Lou won’t be leaving in too much of a hurry.

Familiar Faces

er56_0004_Layer-1We’ve been loving all the guest characters in Neighbours lately. From devious, wild-haired Belinda, to suspicious Shay to the ever crafty Michelle. What we’ve enjoyed even more is seeing familiar faces from our other favourite Aussie show – Wentworth, not only Michelle but the Canning’s AirBnB guest Indianna. While it’s just for our own amusement we really like seeing these actresses and the guest characters add something extra when they’re meddling in the cosy lives of our Ramsay Street favourites. It’s been a good year for guest characters (just don’t mention Dimato) and we wouldn’t object to more Wentworth transfers in the future.


It’s Not Beginning to Look Much like Christmas

er56_0003_Layer-2Now we ordinarily love Christmas time in Neighbours and in recent years we’ve loved it all the more as the air dates between Australia and the UK grew gradually shorter, leading to the neighbours almost celebrating the event at the same time as us – a far cry from the days of Christmas in April! But is it just us or was there a real lack of Christmas spirit this year? We know filming schedules now prohibits the annual Christmas lights switch-on in Ramsay Street after dark but in many ways, it felt like the characters barely celebrated the day at all. Cannings aside, we saw little of the characters on Christmas morning and with those we did see, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just another day. We hope next year there’s a greater sense of Christmas presence onscreen and dare we suggest a tree (complete with garish lights to switch on) in the middle of the Lassiter’s complex to combat the lack of lights on Ramsay Street?

Bratty Behaviour

er56_0000_Layer-5What a shame that Paige has become such a pain lately when she was such a strong character when she arrived. She only seemed to get worse leading up to the final week of the year, to the point of when she showed up at the police station demanding to see Mark (who was working) and whined at him we couldn’t believe our ears. Paige wanted to know why Mark thought she was being childish? HELLO. She’s been nothing but childish lately, being spoilt, rude and downright stupid. She fell for Michelle’s obvious tricks leading to a kidnap. It couldn’t have looked any more like a trap if it had had a neon sign! We’re getting pretty fed up of Paige and her immaturity and we seriously hope she gets a reality check in 2016 and grows up fast before it’s too late.

Hits and Misses – 30 Nov-11 Dec 2015



Steph’s Struggle

er55_0003_Layer-1It’s no surprise to say that we’ve really enjoyed Steph’s return to the show. Although Steph herself has struggled to slot back into Erinsborough life, the character has fit back into the show with total ease. As great as it has been to see her put her life back together, we can’t deny we’ve loved the drama of Paul’s twisted scheme to drive her away. It’s the kind of story that is refreshingly dark for the show and we always enjoy when Neighbours pushes the boundaries of what it has done previously. Steph’s trials and tribulations of late – the self-doubt, false accusations toward Vanessa and upsetting breakdown – have been great TV and it’s impossible not to root for Steph. Now don’t get us wrong, as much as we like the story, Paul’s behaviour has been despicable and in our opinion, one of his worst acts. We’re glad Steph gained the upper hand and dealt with Paul with class rather than anger and revenge. Though we feel Paul deserves a comeuppance and it doesn’t look too far away…


er55_0002_Layer-2It’a been one of our favourite plots of the year and this week we feel it may finally have come to a close: Terese and Brad’s marriage struggles. Arriving in 2013 as a happily married couple, the bit-by-bit disintegration of their relationship has been one of the most realistic and well-plotted we’ve seen on TV. We are, of course, firmly Team Terese but what we loved most this week was Terese and Brad’s self-reflections on everything that has happened. We do feel like Terese has let Brad off the hook to easily but it was really affirming to see her own her faults and the part they played in everything going sour. As ever, Brad went along with the flow and backed Terese’s decision to end things properly but that didn’t make their parting scenes any less bittersweet and sad. As an added bonus, we greatly enjoyed the interfering Lauren witnessing their ‘goodbye’ and it sending her into a tizz. We hope 2016 brings happiness for Terese, whilst Lauren and Brad continue their merry-go-round of umming and ahhing.

New Parents

er55_0004_BackgroundNormally when young parents are shown in soaps we always get the mother’s perspective but we think it’s been really refreshing to see it from Josh’s point of view as a new father. The idea of Josh and Amber being parents and having real responsibility fills us with dread but it’s still been an interesting story. We don’t often see how young dads struggle to cope – whether it’s tiredness, feeling a bit helpless and not knowing what to do, or just not having that same connection that a mother does. There have been things about the plot that we’ve enjoyed less – like Amber’s total lack of understanding and empathy – but then Josh is a bit clueless at the best of times and maybe we’d be screaming at him too if he was left to look after our hypothetical baby. With Amber thinking about moving away for a new job, and Josh wanting to do the best for his new little girl, it seems like this is only going to end badly.


Obvious and Oblivious

er55_0001_Layer-3Oh dear, it’s pretty easy to see why no crimes get solved quickly in Erinsborough when you have officer clueless on the case. Mark Brennan, sweet, hunky but all together idiot really out did himself this fortnight. His relationship with Paige is a really thorny issue on this blog. We’d loved Paige, we loved ‘Park’ and then something happened – she got irritating and childish, a love triangle was teased and then it all got a bit messy. We still quite like them together so watching them miscommunicate and grow apart is really disappointing. Paige geared up to end things with him after there was the whole Tyler thing, differences, baby scare and Amber whispering in her ear. But then Mark saw the ring Doug had given her and mistook her dumping speech as a proposal. Oh man – what kind of fool does that? Paige was clearly dumping him and it made him look more oblivious than ever. Cringe. If he keeps blundering on it’s only going to get worse and lead to a very unhappy split. No doubt Tyler will be involved because what is Neighbours without a love triangle we couldn’t care less about?

Bump to the Head

er55_0000_Layer-4Daniel’s had a taste of the dark side and now he’s living up to the Robinson ways by taking part in some very shady property dealings. Ever since Daniel got whacked over the head by the homeless man, we’ve seen a change in him and not one we like. Okay so we didn’t like earthman, hippie dippie Daniel either but just like Imogen, we don’t like this Daniel either. It just feels wrong! We understand that Daniel feels completely guilty for what’s happened to Paul – although, wake up Daniel, your Uncle P is not a good guy – but seeing Daniel so heartless, willing to screw over his friends just doesn’t seem right. More to the point Nate seemed like a very odd choice to be interested in property. He can’t be on an amazing pay rate at the waterhole and he has a pretty sweet living arrangement with the Kennedys. So this whole plot left us raising a Nate-like eyebrow. We’re sorry to see that Daniel and Imogen’s relationship is taking a bit of a knock considering how long it took them to get together. Maybe he needs another bump to the head?

Hits and Misses – 26-30 Oct 2015



Powerful Performance

er52_0002_Layer-2  Amy really came into her own this week as Jimmy went missing and she found out that Liam was not as reformed as he claimed to be. There were times where Amy has seemed a little snappy and harsh with people, but we’re really loving her as a character. Like all the other successful Neighbours characters, Amy has intergrated well into the street. She has friends in Kyle, Steph and Rebecchis and of course works well with her father Paul, even if they do clash now and again. This week we got to see Amy take centre stage as she grappled with the guilt of letting Jimmy walk to Kyle’s yard alone and then had the nasty discovery that Liam has been dealing with some very dodgy people. We were pleasantly surprised that the new Steph and Amy friendship wasn’t ruined by Amy jumping to the same conclusion others had had – that Steph was involved in the disappearance. We’re really looking forward to Amy’s future material as Zoe Cramond showed us what she was really capable of this week.

Heart to Heart

Ier52_0000_Layer-4t was a very minor plot point this week, but we really liked the scenes between Sheila and Susan at the school. For starters – it’s Susan and Sheila! – what’s not to love? They’re two of the shows biggest, brightest characters and definitely the matriarchs of the show. Sheila is known for being brash and outspoken but it was nice to see a softer and more vulnerable side to her as she revealed to Susan that she had not finished school. Initially she’d taken a very Sheila, defensive approach when Susan kept saying the wrong thing, but like all good Neighbours they resolved their differences, with Susan offering Sheila some tutoring. We’re not sure (with the impending school drama ahead) whether this will actually happen, but we can’t get over how fun it would be for Susan to teach Sheila. Make it happen!

Tall Dark and Handsome

Ler52_0001_Layer-3et’s be honest, Liam makes our hit list mainly because he was pretty damn gorgeous. We’ve had enough of the waxed Brennan blandness so it was nice to see someone come into the show as a bit more rugged and charming. Now of course Liam was dodgy – was anyone surprised? – but he was an interesting and charismatic character for the short time he appeared. Neighbours seem to cast guest characters pretty well (if you ignore people like Dimato) and sometimes it’s a shame they only come in for a short time to stir and then leave again. But Liam did a good job of that, being a feckless dad and having a good rapport with his onscreen family. We don’t reckon we’ll see him again, not unless he decides to go straight and be a good dad to Jimmy, but thank you for the eye candy for that short time Neighbours!


Daniel Danger

er52_0003_Layer-1Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve become big fans of Daniel in his post-‘Danber’ guise. He quickly improved as a character away from the love triangle of doom and the blossoming romance with Imogen served to lift his character out of the rut he had fallen into. Imogen’s cynical seriousness dilutes Daniel’s wearying cheeriness and they make a great double act. With that in mind, we’ve really appreciated this recent attempt at a storyline that isn’t related to his love life or supporting his uncle but we’re sorry to say it isn’t quite working for us. The idea of Daniel being attacked and this having an affect on his personality is a great idea in theory but in execution, it isn’t quite hitting the mark. Rather than Daniel’s behaviour feeling like someone who found themselves victim of a crime and reassessing their outlook, they feel like weird mood swings. It’s early days so we hope things can improve from here as it would be disappointing for Daniel’s first proper solo plot to be a misfire.

Missing Child

er52_0004_BackgroundWhat is it with kids on Neighbours and being lost? Or running away? Or running away and then getting lost? Lucy Robinson – the first, did it, many many years later, the offspring of everyone’s favourite character, Ned, did it and now 8 years later, Jimmy Williams is picking up the mantle. It’s bad enough they they already did a similar plot within his first few weeks onscreen and that’s made this repeat performance all the more disappointing. It’s not like the adult characters aren’t strong characters or the performances weren’t good (they certainly were!) but it’s the fact that it’s just so repetitive. And worse still, cheap drama. This is Neighbours, we know nothing bad is going to befall Jimmy. It’s not in the spirit of the show and knowing the outcome is going to be a completely happy ending, you just have to wonder what’s the point? Hopefully this is the end of Jimmy’s disappearing act for a long time.

Scene of the Week – 17-21 Aug 2015

sceneof theweek


It’s the unrequited love story we’ve watched unfold for months and while we can’t be completely won over by Daniel’s rapid turn around, seeing Daniel and Imogen finally have their moment was definitely enjoyable. Since they first met there’s always been a spark between the two of them and the fact we can still champion their relationship despite the awful Daniel/Amber plots, is a testament to Tim Phillips and Ariel Kaplan’s on screen chemistry. We think Imogen deserved the man of her dreams and Daniel rightly went out of his way to woo her this week. Sure it was sickly sweet, cringey and cheesy all at once as he serenaded her outside Lassiters but it’s the kind of romantic gesture Imogen has been crying out for. If Imogen can make him put down the ukulele and tone down the hippie vibes and he can mellow her short fuse then they’re probably a match made in heaven.