Scene of the Week – 15-26 Feb 2016

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We love our Neighbours women feisty in the grand tradition of soap, and we love nothing more than when interesting family dynamics are explored in Neighbours. Therefore, as you can imagine, we loved the vicious argument between Sheila and Xanthe last week. The Cannings are feisty and larger than life by nature and bringing in Xanthe has really helped breathe a new dynamic into a family that was missing the impact of the dearly departed Nomes – and provided a great sparring partner for Colette Mann. This scene really reminded us of the early days of Sheila and Naomi’s time onscreen with the pair at loggerheads over Naomi’s questionable behaviour. Colette, as ever, imbues Sheila with a great warmth to the point where, even at her angriest, you know Sheila always means well and only ever wants to look out for her family. She’s a true Neighbours matriarch and is really bringing out the best in talented newcomer Lilly Van Der Meer. Not many newcomers can go toe-to-toe with an Australian soap icon like Colette and hold their own and she really managed it. We’re looking forward to seeing how their fiery relationship continues to develop in the future.


Scene of the Week – 10-14 Aug 2015

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Scene of the week for us this week is slightly different than usual, rather than something big and dramatic, or funny, it was a mostly silent scene where Sheila became aware of what viewers had been suspecting for some time – Terese is an alcoholic. Sheila’s shock as she watched the black and white camera footage was a great moment. The scene didn’t need dialogue – it was sold entirely on Colette Mann’s surprise and Rebekah Elmaloglou’s subtle guilt as she pocketed some wine and left. The best part is that this isn’t one of those soapy shocks that make no sense, or a sudden plot development out of nowhere. Terese’s alcohol reliance has been steadily building for several months too and we can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Hits and Misses – 24-28 Nov 2014



All About Eve

er11__0001_Layer-3It’s been a terrible week for poor Sonya as she struggled with her addictions in light of the ongoing poison pen letters but an absolutely fantastic week for the actress behind her, Eve Morey. One of the show’s finest, Eve never fails to play Sonya perfectly. Her nuanced and realistic portrayal of her character is powerful and moving – and we have to credit Neighbours for the brilliant depiction of an addict struggling to stay clean. This plot has afforded us a great opportunity to see this darker side of Sonya and the stark realities of her daily struggle. Eve is a true talent and we can’t praise her enough for turning Sonya into one of the all-time greats in our opinion. She has us hooked and we can’t wait to see where it goes next but we can imagine, whatever twists the plot takes, Eve will continue to give her all in the role.

The Cannings

er11__0002_Layer-1It was a big week for the Canning family as they dealt with the shock return of Kyle’s wayward father, Gary. For characters that are normally involved in the more comic side of Erinsborough life, it was refreshing to see Colette Mann and in particular Chris Milligan receive some meaty material and they totally delivery. We’ve loved the various rows and arguments but above all we love that they’ve managed to come through it as a family. It’s also great to see the unusually stable Georgia and Kyle relationship continue to go strong. Yes, Kyle may have been a bit too quick to buy Gary’s obvious lie as an excuse for his absence but we’re intrigued to see what he’s hiding and hope Naomi is back soon to stire things up!

Elvis the Pig

er11__0000_Layer-2This continuing saga of Elvis, the porcelain pig, had us smiling all week. It goes without saying that actors Alan and Jackie clearly relish every minute of the fun and humour and that’s so clear in their performances. They can make us smile with a single facial expression and because they’ve been their so long, the characters’ quirks feel real and all the funnier – Karl’s tightness with money and Susan’s exasperation at his latest notions. Not only that but it was nice to see Chris and Nate get involved with the comedy and gave us a chance to see a lighter side to their relationship. More please!


Willis Woes

er11__0004_Layer-1This is a superb plot – don’t get us wrong, we adore it – but we have a real problem with Brad’s behaviour right now. He is well aware of Terese’s feelings and that she has struggled to accept his kiss with Lauren and their closeness lately but still he seems to spend every waking moment around Lauren and is forever asking her for marriage advice. Er hello! What a stupid decision. We understand him wanting to spend time with his daughter Paige but he’s not even trying to be mindful of Terese’s feelings. If there’s one shining light it’s that Brad made his feelings about how much he loves Terese clear to father Doug whereas recently you’d have believed he was sabotaging his marriage by choice! We love the Willis family so we hope some time apart works to mend their relationship.

The Cult of Rain

er11__0003_Layer-1The one poor plot in a great week of Neighbours drama unfortunately falls to another Amber and Daniel plot – this time with Daniel’s ex Rain. It’s incredibly difficult to find any enjoyment in characters who talk about ‘zen’ and have dreamy ideals when in real life we’d stay well away from these flaky people! This sustainable New Eden community development isn’t an interesting plot to watch and Rain is nowhere near charismatic enough for us to believe that she can win Amber over. The guided meditation sequence was creepy rather than enchanting but if Rain steps up her creepy hynoptic powers we might like her a little more.