Hello! Welcome to Erinsborough – a blog celebrating the brilliant Australian soap Neighbours. We’re two huge fans taking you through the week’s best quotes, scenes and what we’re loving and hating in Ramsay Street. We post at UK Channel 5 pace and are spoiler free.

About us

Earliest Neighbours memory?

Mojo: HAAAROLD! HAAAROLD! And the Kennedys arriving.
Cuba: Karl and Sarah’s illcit kiss and of course, THE SLAP.

Favourite Neighbours character of all time?

Mojo: Billy Kennedy, probably – early TV crush
Cuba: The one and only, Miss Libby Kennedy.

Favourite Neighbours storyline ever?

Mojo: The Izzy and Karl saga, but I also loved the plane crash.
Cuba: For me, this also has to be the Izzy and Karl saga. It’ll be hard to beat.

If you could be any current character, who would you be?

Mojo: Naomi.
Cuba: Terese.

Which house on Ramsay Street would you move into and why?

Mojo: Number 26. I’d love to live with the Cannings and Chris is a sweetheart so I’m sure we’d be friends.
Cuba: Number 28. Karl and Susan would be the best adoptive parents in the world.

Anything else?

Mojo: My current claim to fame is that Morgana O’Reilly (Naomi) and James Mason (Chris) answered my question on a YouTube Q&A and mocked my username. I’m not a male robot! But I’m glad it made them laugh.
Cuba: As a child, I used to have a Neighbours scrapbook containing every Neighbours paper or magazine article I could lay my hands on.



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