Scene of the Week – 27 June-22 July

sceneof theweek


Now, it’s safe to say that very few of us have approved of Piper’s behaviour lately. In trying to prove her parents wrong, all she’s done is prove them right with a series of immature and rash decisions that have blown up in her face. Not only has she ruined her parents’ trust in her and her judgement: she ultimately lost Tyler. Tyler has always loved Piper’s maturity (as have we!) but the formal and her desperation to bring Tyler along placed a bomb under their blossoming romance. It culminated with Piper inadvertently pushing Tyler into the (reasonably innocent) arms of Elly, who got drenched for her flirtation and getting dumped by Tyler. While we’d love nothing more than to see the pair together after all this time, it’s clear she has a bit of growing up to do. The break-up scene was performed beautifully by Mavournee and Travis who make a really compelling, watchable pair onscreen. The dialogue was well-written and had the depth and maturity Piper has sorely missed these last few weeks. We really hope the pair can work things out but sadly it seems Paige is on the horizon again…



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