Scene of the Week – 13-24 June 2016

sceneof theweek


It was a long time coming but finally, after months of sashaying around in the same, dated white suit, throwing Scottish shade and blowing up hotels, Julie Quill got what was coming to her – a well deserved slap in the face. For you see, not only was she responsible for emotionally devastating us by accidentally killing Josh and make us weep into our late-night special bowl of crisps, but by proxy, managed to come between Terese and Paul’s blossoming relationship – and that is unforgivable. While we can’t deny we were also wishing Terese would get a chance to publicly attack Julie as she did to Paul on the regular, it was Piper who got a chance to shine this time. And boy, did she. We’ve often talked about how big of an asset the talented Mavournee Hazel is and she did not let us down. She delivered a fantastic emotional performance as grieving Piper and we cheered as she absolutely walloped Julie across the face. It was a brilliant scene, and a fitting climax to months of build-up. Now please let Paul and Terese be okay…

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