Scene of the Week – 30 May-10 June 2016

sceneof theweek


As long time Neighbours viewers (longer than we’d care to admit), it’s safe to say that we’re very rarely shocked at Neighbours or their presentation of scenes. One recent exception was the gritty and gruesome UK version of Josh’s death, and this past week we saw another. It’s impossible not to feel sorry for Paul. As much as he’s done some terrible things in the past, he’s genuinely innocent this time and to see him lose his money, his business, his new romance, and his freedom the space of a few months has been a tough watch. Even tougher this week, however, was the scene that took place post-sentencing where Paul stripped naked and prepared to be searched. We’ve never seen more any more vulnerable than this and we were shocked by how blunt and powerful the scene was directed and portrayed. The incredibly rare sight of Paul taking his prosthetic off and indeed, the first time we’ve ever seen him onscreen without his leg was a fantastic, devastating image and one we won’t forget any time soon.

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