Scene of the Week – 9-27 May 2016

sceneof theweek


It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this moment would be our Scene of the Week. As if we could think of anything else after witnessing this! Ned has spent a fair few of his scenes topless, hanging out by the pool and giving Lauren meaningful looks, but he stepped it up again this week by hanging out the washing in the buff and then dropping his towel. Lauren chose this moment to walk into the garden and oops got a sight of Ned completely starkers. Oops. Owing to the ridiculous and frankly alarming levels of sexual chemistry between them, Lauren lingered and stared for a little longer than was needed and Ned took the opportunity to bask in this attention. Sadly for all of us, Neighbours is family viewing so we didn’t get to witness what made Lauren get all hot and bothered and once she was back inside, he wrapped the towel back round himself. But let’s just say this is a scene we won’t forget in a hurry. And neither – understandably – will Lauren.



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