Scene of the Week – 25 April-6 May 2016

sceneof theweek

It feels like we’re praising the aftermath of the dramatic Josh death scenes and the fabulous Rebekah Elmaloglou every week, and we are, but it’s only because they deserve it. This week our favourite scene simply had to be the moment where Brad and Terese mourned their son together. As is the nature of the soap beast, Brad and Terese have spent a lot of the immediate aftermath separately, Terese dealing with Paul and Brad naturally preoccupied with Ned. Therefore it was great to see a scene of the pair together united in their grief. Terese laying on the sofa crying felt so relatable, so believable and so raw. Away from the distractions of work, and of her relationship with Paul, she collapsed in her grief and there’s something so very real about the scene and something we don’t often see on Neighbours. Ordinarily grief is quickly glossed over so it’s great to see that this isn’t the case and despite their business, neither Brad or Terese are coping well with the loss of their son. Whilst we’re glad Terese has long since moved on from Brad, it was nice to see a scene of love and tenderness between the two, and a reminder of the 20 years they did have together.


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