Scene of the Week – 4-8 April 2016

sceneof theweek


A huge week for Neighbours began with one of the most emotive and tragic deaths in the show’s history when an explosion in Lassiter’s hotel lead to Josh Willis suffering fatal injuries. Harley Bonner gave a stellar performance in Josh’s grim final scenes with his family as he struggled for breath. UK viewers were given specially edited bloody scenes in an hour long special and the use of stirring pop music made these scenes unforgettable. Each goodbye Josh shared really tugged at our emotions and covered the character’s history on Neighbours well. All the Willis family performances were the best they’ve ever been. We were especially moved by Josh’s final scenes with twin Imogen and we were utterly choked when he told her to “Smash the world for both of us” but it was those last moments, video chatting to Amber and daughter Matilda that were so poignant. Josh left his daughter with heartfelt advice as he died, showing he had grown from the immature man he once was and once his eyes closed and Matilda cried, the Willis family held each other in the rubble. It’s a scene that will go down in Neighbours history.




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