Scene of the Week – 29 Feb-18 March 2016

sceneof theweeksc67.png

Our scene of the week choice – Terese and Paul’s heatwave snog! Was it ever going to be anything else? The tension between Terese and Paul has been simmering away ever since Terese propositioned him those weeks ago, and let’s face it – even longer than that. The chemistry between these two is always on point and all it took was the classic Neighbours combination: locked in a room and some troublesome weather. The heatwave episodes were a rather sweaty plot device to get the stakes raised, but it certainly worked for Paul and Terese who really bonded in these episodes. We’re not quite sure why Terese changing out of a floaty top and into a thick robe would really help cool her down but things really started to heat up when Paul got the ice cubes out. Phew! We’re not sure we can think of a Neighbours plot that got that steamy that fast. Sadly for Paulrese and fans of the future power couple, their heated clinch ended pretty sharpish when Josh disturbed his mum mid-pash. Damn you, Josh! We can’t wait until these two inevitabley get it on again. They’re going to be such a winning couple for Neighbours.


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