Scene of the Week – 15-26 Feb 2016

sceneof theweeksc66.png

We love our Neighbours women feisty in the grand tradition of soap, and we love nothing more than when interesting family dynamics are explored in Neighbours. Therefore, as you can imagine, we loved the vicious argument between Sheila and Xanthe last week. The Cannings are feisty and larger than life by nature and bringing in Xanthe has really helped breathe a new dynamic into a family that was missing the impact of the dearly departed Nomes – and provided a great sparring partner for Colette Mann. This scene really reminded us of the early days of Sheila and Naomi’s time onscreen with the pair at loggerheads over Naomi’s questionable behaviour. Colette, as ever, imbues Sheila with a great warmth to the point where, even at her angriest, you know Sheila always means well and only ever wants to look out for her family. She’s a true Neighbours matriarch and is really bringing out the best in talented newcomer Lilly Van Der Meer. Not many newcomers can go toe-to-toe with an Australian soap icon like Colette and hold their own and she really managed it. We’re looking forward to seeing how their fiery relationship continues to develop in the future.


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