Scene of the Week – 1-12 Feb 2016

sceneof theweeksc65.png

In such a great fortnight of episodes, deciding on a scene seemed like a daunting task but in truth, nothing could hold a candle to the moment where Mark arrested Paige on their wedding day. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not a fan of the pairing and the idea that Mark was scheduled to work the morning of his wedding stretched credibility as far as it can go but we can’t deny just how wonderfully executed the climax was. The Turner house looked amazing, Paige looked stunning and her desperate pleas for Mark’s forgiveness were quite moving. However, we were open mouthed, when instead of a exchange of rings, Mark placed the handcuffs on his bride to be and marched her off to the station. In what was surely a soap first, we loved Neighbours providing a fresh twist on the usual wedding day dramas. As shocking as it was, the decision to ‘do the right thing’ was very in character for Mark and the entire scene in terms of writing, acting and in particular, directing, was wonderfully executed.


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