Hits and Misses – 1-12 Feb 2016



Wedding Wreckage

e61_0003_Layer-1Now it’s no secret that we’re not the biggest fans of Mark and Paige, or this neverending saga of Paige versus Michelle and Dimato feat. the offscreen burglaries of mystery however, the much-promoted wedding week lived up to and smashed all our expectations. We don’t know where to start! As said elsewhere, the actual arrest was a shocking moment that felt like a proper classic soap twist that won’t soon be forgotten but it was only one of a multitude of things we loved! The return of the fantastic Ellen Crabb (mum of Josie) was a nice twist and a character we’d love to see more of. Number 32 looked fantastic and it was a clear the set designers made a real effort to create a beautiful backyard wedding. The return of the larger than life Mary was much welcome, however brief. And then of course, was the sight of Paige trudging back to Ramsay Street in her beautiful dress and promptly destroying it in the backyard. The break-up was nicely handled and has led to Paige’s best scenes in many months.

Scully Success

Ae60_0003_Layer-4s any regular readers will know, we love a returnee. And recent weeks have brought about the return of one of the most memorable characters of the 00s – the inimitable Lyn Scully. The character had a rough old time of it in her last few years, leaving with a bit of a whimper back in 2011. By that point the character was a bit lost without her family around and no, the fake Summer, was not a worthy family replacement. So with Steph back and thriving it made sense to eventual see a return from her mum and what a return it was! Lyn was back to her best straight away and it was almost as if the latter years of her Neighbours stint never occurred. Scatty, dizzy and as ever, a bit too high strung, Lyn settled back in with ease. Her friendship with Susan was so easily resumed as if she’d never been away, her getting one over on Paul was much much deserved but the highlight was her relationship with Steph. As the longest running of the Scully children, the bond between Steph and Lyn was always a bit extra special. It was great to see Lyn try and protect her daughter and console her as Charlie (in a very impressive recast) rejected her. The highlight? Lyn’s over-anxious pretence that she was accepting of Steph’s relationship with Belinda. Who knew Lyn liked K.d. Lang?!

Classic Teen

e61_0000_Layer-4There’s something we already like about Xanthe Canning. First of all her general attitude to anything gross (like greasy machinery and Piper almost dropping food on her) was a lot of fun – hair flicking a-plenty – and she seems kooky enough to fit right into the Canning clan. This fortnight saw her trying to make cash and work alongside Piper to make it happen, by holding a bit of a disastrous party. They seem to be opposite ends of the teen girl spectrum and although the chalk and cheese Neighbours friendship is nothing new it’s a partnership that seems to be working well already. We also saw a softer side to Xanthe as it became evident that she has difficulties at school with reading and again, it’s a well travelled trope for Neighbours but we think it’s good that we saw she has vulnerability as well as pretty clothes! Even better we get to see Sheila in full-on protective gran mode!

Rebecchi Revolution

e60_0002_Layer-2If there’s one thing we love, it’s Sonya Rebecchi on a mission and this time she’s really trying to change the world – or at least Erinsborough. Sonya was very upset to find that the community centre was closing and that the love locks were being removed from the lake and after giving the council worker a mouthful of sass she locked herself to the bridge itself. After Mayor Tim Collins (WTF?!) agreed the love locks could stay, Sonya was horrified to see the bridge was cordoned off. This meant war and with Karl’s encouragement, things got serious and Sonya decided to run against Tim to become mayor herself! A risky move, but we reckon Sonya would be an amazing asset to the council and who could resist voting for her when the cutest kid in the world was involved? Nell is such a sweetheart and we think her smile alone would be enough to melt the voters’ hearts. Anything has got to be better than dodgy Tim, right?


Party Poopers

e60_0000_Layer-5Has there ever been a worse Bucks and Hens party seen on TV? I mean, it’s not like Georgia and Kyle’s last year was amazing but at least it looked a little bit fun with the games and costumes. But Mark and Paige’s?! Woeful. Paige looked like she was about to face the death penalty (okay okay she was having a nightmare considering she was all caught up in the Dimato mess) and their only friends seemed to be their siblings, Paige’s mortifying parents and Daniel. Thrilling guest list. Not only that but the challenges screamed excitement – bed making, an art challenge? But Park can rest easy, even if they looked bored at their own party at least it gave everyone else the excuse to sack it off and get frisky. Despite our moans it’s the only lame thing we could think of all fortnight and the rest of the wedding drama made up for the totally flat party beforehand. Maybe next time the residents of Erinsborough could do with a party planner – where’s Nomes when you need her?




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