Hits and Misses – 18-29 Jan 2016



The Real Terese Willis

er59_0002_Layer-1Let’s face it, when long running couples break up in Neighbours, one of two things happen. They either become better, more complex, fully rounded individuals (step forward Susan Kennedy) or they stagnate, unable to really move past their defining relationship and live up to past greatness (step forward Lyn Scully… although more on that next week) and when Brad and Terese broke up we were worried. Terese was a great character but could removing the arc at the heart of her characters for so long potentially leave her with nothing to do? Thankfully we are delighted to say our worries were unfounded as Terese successfully made the transition from the better half of a partnership to one hell of a brilliant individual. Number 22 doesn’t feel empty without the traditional set up – if anything, it’s better. Terese rules the roost like a proper matriarch in true soap style. She effortlessly moves between parenting the kids, having heart to hearts with new friend Sonya and seducing Paul Robinson of an evening. The separation has only served to cement Terese’s role as an iconic character of the modern era and a fantastic all rounder. Her new friendships and interactions with Steph and Sonya are great, her willingness to move on from Brad is brilliant and her relationship with Paul has the potential to be fantastic. Last week Sonya questioned who the real Terese Willis is, and frankly we can’t wait to find out.

Classic Comedy

er59_0004_Layer-2You can always always rely on Susan and Karl for some good quality Neighbours comedy. First of all we had Aaron walking in on them playing Doctors and Nurse – complete with costumes – then they won a free stay at Lassiters. Karl being Karl thought he’d take real advantage and try selling off all the freebies to the residents of Ramsay Street who apparently can’t afford fluffy robes! Karl had to live-tweet their experiences to hilarious results and he took the liberty of all the services on offer. So demanding – especially his requests during his pamper session! Susan didn’t appear to be having too much fun and the naughty pair (Blue Box in hand) were thwarted by Daniel in the end.

New Girl

er59_0003_Layer-3We’ve not seen very much of Xanthe Canning yet but we already thinks she could be pretty funny. We quite enjoyed her tottering in her platforms and her bubble-gum look and reckon she’s going to be quite the opponent for Sheila, especially now we know she’s schemeing against her family – yikes! Like father like daughter? We love the Cannings and we could always do with more of them and their big personalities. Now that Kyle needs less guidance in life, Xanthe might be good for Sheila to show off her maternal skills especially as this newbie has trouble written all over her!



er59_0001_Layer-4Daniel was a real pain in the arse this fortnight. Imogen is too good to be messed around but he defined flake these past two weeks. After his hippie drippie musings he decided he couldn’t be with Imogen but he wasn’t happy about her moving on either. That didn’t really stop him from getting so involved in her life when she was trying to have a clean break and do what was best for both of them. Not to mention him cosying up to her to get a look at Paul’s laptop. We’re sure these two are destined to get back together and things seem to be on the up but Daniel needs to work hard to prove to her he’s worthy of her.

Do We Care?

er59_0000_Layer-5While the fabulous Terese has only gone from strength to strength in light of her proper break-up with Brad in the closing weeks of last season, the same can’t be said for Brad and Lauren. We’ve always maintained that the bond between them was based more in nostalgia and a shared link with Paige than any real meat, or drama, or substance to their attraction and indeed, their time as single, available people has done little to disprove this. They umm and ahh and stare and share a multitude of awkward interactions. Yes, there’s some residual drama from not wanting to hurt Terese’s feelings and we do appreciate that display of respect for her but what else is there? There’s no fire there, no passion, no drama. That said, now they’re together we’re glad that brings an end to the skirting around and constant mooning at each other from across the complex. What’s next for Brad and Lauren? Who knows? And, more importantly, do we care when the other potential new pairing, Paul and Terese, seems so much more exciting?


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