Scene of the Week – 11-15 Jan 2016

sceneof theweek


This week introduced us to an ingenious new friendship that’s fast forming between two of our favourite characters, and for that reason had to be our scene of the week. Yes, we’re talking about the unexpected bonding scene between Terese and Sonya. When Terese’s alcoholism first came to light, we were disappointed that Sonya didn’t get involved to act as support at a time Terese needed it most, so it was a case of better late than never as the pair met at one of Erinsborough’s AA meetings. It was great to see Terese’s alcohol issues touched upon again and we always enjoy the brilliant continuity with Sonya struggling during times of stress. The separate monologues involved some terrific characterisation and was a poignant moment as the characters struggle with their recent life changed. Eve and Rebekah, as ever, were fantastic and we’d love to see more of #Sonrese.


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