Scene of the Week – 4-8 Jan 2016

sceneof theweek


When Steph’s return was announced, a few eyebrows were raised at the idea of the character being in a relationship with a woman and when Belinda appeared onscreen, in her big-haired, mildly morally grey glory, we wondered whether we’d believe in this relationship and how it would appear onscreen. We need not have worried. Whilst we never saw any true happiness between the couple, Carla Bonner and Nikki Shiels really sold the history between the characters and we found ourselves truly believing in Steph’s deep connection and love for another woman. The break-up this week was one of those scenes where writing, acting, music and direction come together beautifully to create a great moment. Steph and Belinda were open and honest and we really felt for Steph knowing she was doing the right thing by ending the relationship. It wasn’t full of histrionics or tears, it was subtle, real and very maturely handled. We do hope we see Belinda again and the two find a chance to move on once the dust has settled, or indeed further explore Steph’s sexuality as it has been a great direction for the character and broke new soap ground in terms of the fluidity of sexuality.

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