Hits and Misses 4-8 Jan 2016



Unwanted Affections

er57_0001_Layer-4Oh Lou, how we love you so. Not content with getting himself into bother and feeling the need to fake his death, he was panicking that his holiday fling would turn into something serious. Wannabe lothario Lou was desperate to get rid and get on a plane, but as luck had it, besotted Rochelle was there in the Turner garden! The scenes when she arrived and tried to snuggle up to him were hilarious and remind us exactly why we always want more Lou. Then there was his genius move to get his love/hate nemesis Sheila involved and pretend they’d been having an affair. Sheila was as hilarious as ever, slapping Lou, sharing insults with Rochelle. It was one liner after one liner, ending in a double dumping for Lou and absolute comedy gold for us. A great start to 2016!

Domestic Dramas

er57_0000_Layer-5This week we really enjoyed the Rebecchis getting caught up in Steph and Belinda’s domestic drama. The aftermath to last year’s finale cliffhanger didn’t disappoint and we loved, and cringed, at desperate Sonya charging into the operating theatre and potentially putting Toadie’s recovery at risk. And of course, we loved the soapy drama of Toadie beginning to regain feeling in his feet – as well as his acceptance of Sonya’s mistake in a really heartwarming scene. Time and again they prove themselves the worthy modern day equivalents of the Kennedys. As well as this, we really liked seeing Sonya and Steph bond over Toadie despite all their differences in the past. We’ve really enjoyed having Belinda around and were glad she wasn’t turned into a cliché soap villain. Her final scene, lashing out after losing not only her job but Steph too, was great and will surely set up some future friction as Sonya is left worrying whether Steph still loves Toadie.

Picking Up The Pieces

er57_0002_Layer-3The Paul storyline was a real highlight this week. After losing everything (how many times has that happened?) Terese offered him a place to stay at Number 22. It just feels right seeing Paul back there again, doesn’t it? And not to mention Terese and Paul scenes are always a joy to watch. Paul even had to lower himself to wearing Josh’s clothes while Terese tried to organise a welcome to the street party for Paul. We were slightly dubious that Amy would agree to go into business with Paul but her pep talk to him was no nonsense and we liked that. Speaking of no nonsense, Paul didn’t sugar coat his words to Daniel, giving him some really harsh home truths. Yikes. Great scenes from the ever brilliant Stefan Dennis!


Dimato’s Retun

er57_0004_Layer-1When Dennis Dimato rocked up again this week, it didn’t exactly fill us with joy. We had more than enough of his 2D cartoon gangster routine last year and hoped we’d put that plot to bed. Unfortunately he rocked up with a new suit, dodgy facial hair and more unconvincing police interviews. Why?! That was our main question. He’s not popular or charismatic and we were filled with even less enthusiasm that he saddled up to our firm favourite Paul with plans of investing in his business and sticking around – nooo! It’s the last thing we need. We can but hope there’s some sort of disaster on the horizon to get rid of him for good.

Hostage Situation

er57_0003_Layer-2It was the weakest cliffhanger of last year’s finale and was without a doubt the weakest plot this week, yes, it was Paige’s kidnap. Neighbours’ greatest strength is not these kind of gangster-y, hostage situation plots and sadly this was no exception. Despite their best attempts, the entire situation lacked any real drama. Lauren and Brad toddled around but lacked any real conviction in their concern and the less said about Mark’s reaction the better. We were sad to see Dimato make his official comeback (seriously, why?!) and we’re not looking forward to his continued presence on the show. The plot needs to shut down soon and Mark and Paige need to be moved out from these criminal dramas because it doesn’t bring out the best in the characters or the actors. Our highlight? Terese, quite rightly, showing little concern for Paige given how frosty and cruelly Paige has treated these past few months.

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