Scene of the Week – 14-18 Dec 2015

sceneof theweek


Our favourite scene of late may be a bit of a surprise. It wasn’t the fantastically soap closing moments where nurse Belinda revealed herself to Toadie (though it was a strong contender) and it wasn’t any other of the action-packed finale drama, instead it was a touching music montage earlier in the week. As the Cannings celebrated Christmas, and Kyle and Amy shared a festive kiss, Amber contemplated her job offer and tried to decide what was best for not only herself but her newborn daughter. The most effective scene in midst of these moments of family, togetherness and children, was lonely Steph working at the bar. As she watched a customer having dinner with her two young children, Steph had her own children on her mind and looked at her, as yet unsent, letter to Charlie. The scene was great in its simplicity as we’re once again reminded of everything Steph has lost and everything she wants to regain. It was a perfect moment that was all the more poignant during the Christmas season.

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