Hits and Misses – 14-18 Dec 2015




er56_0001_Layer-4It was about time wasn’t it? The fall of Paul Robinson. That’s not to say he hasn’t had his own ups and downs this year – being tricked into believing he had cancer was a horrid moment of decline – but the way he behaves in general means he was bound to get his due at some point. It seems quite fitting that his fall from status happened literally too – bye bye penthouse apartment. That’s gotta hurt someone like Paul who prides himself from living on high! We really liked that Daniel admitted to leaking Paul’s wrong doings as having the betrayal come from within the Robinson family really made things worse. Paul has sworn he’ll be back to reclaim Lassiters – and let’s face it he’ll be back for revenge – and we can’t wait to see him fight back. What’s next for Paul? Where will he live? Where will he work? Who else is he going to make his enemy? There’s always something so watchable about Paul that we can count on him for some great stories. Bring on the next year of Paul!

Lou’s Farce

er56_0002_Layer-3We can’t deny we’ve missed Lou in his prolonged absence this year. Now Tom Oliver’s hours have been cut back, we feared Lou was on his way out for good, so it was great to see him back with a bang at the end of this year – and even better, not simply back to support his family but with a story of his own! And in the grand tradition of Lou, it was a bit of a surreal and hilarious farce. Between the “drugs”, his suspected murderer and even the miserable Brennan and Lauren being dragged into the comedy, it was great fun to watch. Our highlight, however? It just had to be the memorial complete with with disbelieving reactions from the congregation, another much-love reference to Karl’s disastrous music career and of course, the brilliant and damning eulogy from Sheila. We looked forward to more of the classic Neighbours comedy in 2015 and hopefully Lou won’t be leaving in too much of a hurry.

Familiar Faces

er56_0004_Layer-1We’ve been loving all the guest characters in Neighbours lately. From devious, wild-haired Belinda, to suspicious Shay to the ever crafty Michelle. What we’ve enjoyed even more is seeing familiar faces from our other favourite Aussie show – Wentworth, not only Michelle but the Canning’s AirBnB guest Indianna. While it’s just for our own amusement we really like seeing these actresses and the guest characters add something extra when they’re meddling in the cosy lives of our Ramsay Street favourites. It’s been a good year for guest characters (just don’t mention Dimato) and we wouldn’t object to more Wentworth transfers in the future.


It’s Not Beginning to Look Much like Christmas

er56_0003_Layer-2Now we ordinarily love Christmas time in Neighbours and in recent years we’ve loved it all the more as the air dates between Australia and the UK grew gradually shorter, leading to the neighbours almost celebrating the event at the same time as us – a far cry from the days of Christmas in April! But is it just us or was there a real lack of Christmas spirit this year? We know filming schedules now prohibits the annual Christmas lights switch-on in Ramsay Street after dark but in many ways, it felt like the characters barely celebrated the day at all. Cannings aside, we saw little of the characters on Christmas morning and with those we did see, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just another day. We hope next year there’s a greater sense of Christmas presence onscreen and dare we suggest a tree (complete with garish lights to switch on) in the middle of the Lassiter’s complex to combat the lack of lights on Ramsay Street?

Bratty Behaviour

er56_0000_Layer-5What a shame that Paige has become such a pain lately when she was such a strong character when she arrived. She only seemed to get worse leading up to the final week of the year, to the point of when she showed up at the police station demanding to see Mark (who was working) and whined at him we couldn’t believe our ears. Paige wanted to know why Mark thought she was being childish? HELLO. She’s been nothing but childish lately, being spoilt, rude and downright stupid. She fell for Michelle’s obvious tricks leading to a kidnap. It couldn’t have looked any more like a trap if it had had a neon sign! We’re getting pretty fed up of Paige and her immaturity and we seriously hope she gets a reality check in 2016 and grows up fast before it’s too late.


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