Scene of the Week – 30 Nov-11 Dec 2015

sceneof theweeksc60.png

After weeks of torment, Steph finally uncovered the truth behind the campaign to drive her out of Erinsbough – and insane in the process – and the culprit was none other than Paul Robinson himself! Our favourite scene was the fantastic moment where Aaron developed a conscious, having realised the extent of what he has helped Paul do to Steph and sent her a text to tell her everything… just as Paul drives Steph out of Erinsborough and out of his life. Everything about the moment was great. Paul is smug that has plan succeeded and Steph is still feeling the effects of Paul switching her medication. Her realisation, accompanied by Paul’s classic music playing in the car, helped set the scene perfectly and the threat of what Steph could do to confront Paul on a deserted, dark road was a brilliant moment.


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