Hits and Misses – 30 Nov-11 Dec 2015



Steph’s Struggle

er55_0003_Layer-1It’s no surprise to say that we’ve really enjoyed Steph’s return to the show. Although Steph herself has struggled to slot back into Erinsborough life, the character has fit back into the show with total ease. As great as it has been to see her put her life back together, we can’t deny we’ve loved the drama of Paul’s twisted scheme to drive her away. It’s the kind of story that is refreshingly dark for the show and we always enjoy when Neighbours pushes the boundaries of what it has done previously. Steph’s trials and tribulations of late – the self-doubt, false accusations toward Vanessa and upsetting breakdown – have been great TV and it’s impossible not to root for Steph. Now don’t get us wrong, as much as we like the story, Paul’s behaviour has been despicable and in our opinion, one of his worst acts. We’re glad Steph gained the upper hand and dealt with Paul with class rather than anger and revenge. Though we feel Paul deserves a comeuppance and it doesn’t look too far away…


er55_0002_Layer-2It’a been one of our favourite plots of the year and this week we feel it may finally have come to a close: Terese and Brad’s marriage struggles. Arriving in 2013 as a happily married couple, the bit-by-bit disintegration of their relationship has been one of the most realistic and well-plotted we’ve seen on TV. We are, of course, firmly Team Terese but what we loved most this week was Terese and Brad’s self-reflections on everything that has happened. We do feel like Terese has let Brad off the hook to easily but it was really affirming to see her own her faults and the part they played in everything going sour. As ever, Brad went along with the flow and backed Terese’s decision to end things properly but that didn’t make their parting scenes any less bittersweet and sad. As an added bonus, we greatly enjoyed the interfering Lauren witnessing their ‘goodbye’ and it sending her into a tizz. We hope 2016 brings happiness for Terese, whilst Lauren and Brad continue their merry-go-round of umming and ahhing.

New Parents

er55_0004_BackgroundNormally when young parents are shown in soaps we always get the mother’s perspective but we think it’s been really refreshing to see it from Josh’s point of view as a new father. The idea of Josh and Amber being parents and having real responsibility fills us with dread but it’s still been an interesting story. We don’t often see how young dads struggle to cope – whether it’s tiredness, feeling a bit helpless and not knowing what to do, or just not having that same connection that a mother does. There have been things about the plot that we’ve enjoyed less – like Amber’s total lack of understanding and empathy – but then Josh is a bit clueless at the best of times and maybe we’d be screaming at him too if he was left to look after our hypothetical baby. With Amber thinking about moving away for a new job, and Josh wanting to do the best for his new little girl, it seems like this is only going to end badly.


Obvious and Oblivious

er55_0001_Layer-3Oh dear, it’s pretty easy to see why no crimes get solved quickly in Erinsborough when you have officer clueless on the case. Mark Brennan, sweet, hunky but all together idiot really out did himself this fortnight. His relationship with Paige is a really thorny issue on this blog. We’d loved Paige, we loved ‘Park’ and then something happened – she got irritating and childish, a love triangle was teased and then it all got a bit messy. We still quite like them together so watching them miscommunicate and grow apart is really disappointing. Paige geared up to end things with him after there was the whole Tyler thing, differences, baby scare and Amber whispering in her ear. But then Mark saw the ring Doug had given her and mistook her dumping speech as a proposal. Oh man – what kind of fool does that? Paige was clearly dumping him and it made him look more oblivious than ever. Cringe. If he keeps blundering on it’s only going to get worse and lead to a very unhappy split. No doubt Tyler will be involved because what is Neighbours without a love triangle we couldn’t care less about?

Bump to the Head

er55_0000_Layer-4Daniel’s had a taste of the dark side and now he’s living up to the Robinson ways by taking part in some very shady property dealings. Ever since Daniel got whacked over the head by the homeless man, we’ve seen a change in him and not one we like. Okay so we didn’t like earthman, hippie dippie Daniel either but just like Imogen, we don’t like this Daniel either. It just feels wrong! We understand that Daniel feels completely guilty for what’s happened to Paul – although, wake up Daniel, your Uncle P is not a good guy – but seeing Daniel so heartless, willing to screw over his friends just doesn’t seem right. More to the point Nate seemed like a very odd choice to be interested in property. He can’t be on an amazing pay rate at the waterhole and he has a pretty sweet living arrangement with the Kennedys. So this whole plot left us raising a Nate-like eyebrow. We’re sorry to see that Daniel and Imogen’s relationship is taking a bit of a knock considering how long it took them to get together. Maybe he needs another bump to the head?


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