Scene of the Week – 16-27 Nov 2015

sceneof theweek


There was lots to love about our chosen Scene of the Week in Neighbours. First of all we love a return, whether it’s a regular return like Hilary or a one off appearance it adds a nice slice of history to the show. Even better is when it shows that Neighbours hasn’t forgotten a big event (a Pappas-Robinson baby, obviously) and when it feeds in nicely to current plots. It was so lovely to see Chris and Lucy (and their new baby) again, even if it was just via Bla Bla (aka Skype). It seemed only right that Amber had baby chats with them with what she’s going through with hers and it made Nate thoughtful about his relationship with Aaron. It did make us slightly nostalgic for the Chris and Nate romance though. Please visit soon Chrucy!


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