Scene of the Week – 2-13 Nov 2015

sceneof theweek


It’s that time of year again where the residents of Erinsborough find themselves in mortal peril and we’re left wondering what dramatic stunt will endanger our favourite neighbours this time. This year the show reverted to the good old soap fire but rather than setting one of the Ramsay Street adobes alight, it was Erinsborough High that bore the brunt of the action. While getting nearly all the cast involved seemed like a daunting task, the threat of impending school closure made the residents rallying around the school realistic. What we loved most was using the stunt not just for a shock death but rather as a way to enhance the drama of the existing plots and kickstart some brand new ones. Susan helping Amber through her labour provided some great scenes (and some of Jenna Rosenow’s finest work), the Paige triangle bubbled on, recently injured Toadie being unable to save himself and abandoned by Sheila, and of course, Brad leaving Terese behind and saving Lauren instead. Because of the strength of the drama, the episodes really felt like ‘must-watch’ soap and akin to some of Neighbours’ more successful stunts in the past such as the Lassiter’s explosion or the rave roof collapse. We loved seeing nearly all of the cast involved as well as the presence of regular guests such as Sue and Jayden, and new suspicious arrivals such as Belinda. What impressed us most was the scale of the action and how impressive it looked. The night-time setting was a bonus and added a lot of atmosphere that would be missing had the fire been set in Ramsay Street in the day time. The set pieces such as the lifts, the locker explosion and burning corridors looked great and the scene where Susan found herself looking at a wrecked corridor a few episodes later was very moving indeed. The CGI wasn’t overdone and looked fantastic, particularly the crane shot as Sonya ran out of the burning school. All in all, a great series of episodes that are still providing drama and we can’t wait to see the culprit getting caught.


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