Hits and Misses – 2-13 Nov 2015




er53_0000_Layer-5Is it just us or has the always reliable Rebekah Elmaloglou fast becoming of the MVPs of the entire show? Yes, we’ve always loved and yes, she’s been a strong character and well-acted since day one but the last 12 months have been a revelation for the character and we feel she’s cemented herself as one of the modern-day iconic females of the show. Rebekah, as ever, just excels no matter what material she’s been given – whether it be anger at Brad and Lauren, caring for her kids or sparring with Paul. But what we’ve loved most lately is seeing this completely different side to her – something more emotional. It’s been so sad to see Terese’s world fall apart and see such a normally strong woman become so vulnerable. Not only is the acting fantastic but Neighbours has really put the effort in and crafted a character that’s multi-layered and very complex. We look forward to her each and every time she appears onscreen, so today we are saluting Terese and Rebekah and their presence among of the ranks of some of Neighbours’ finest.

Relationship Angst

er53_0003_Layer-2Kyle and Amy gave into their feelings this fortnight and had a big ol’ pash. We’ve enjoyed their friendship and budding romance for a while and after some more bonding as they cleaned up the school a snog was inevitable. Kyle’s basically been like a dad/older brother to Jimmy so they’d make a perfect family unit, but these things are never that simple. Kyle was worried about hurting them and having not long been separated from Georgia, as well as Amy ditching him as soon as Liam came back. So their happiness was shortlived and after advice from Tyler, Kyle had a fling. It did give us a great scene with Amy being sad and vulnerable which was touching. Let’s hope their crossed wires don’t stay that way for too long.

Mysterious Woman

er53_0002_Layer-3There’s something interesting and possibly sinister about the pretty new arrival Belinda. It’s not just her wild red curls that make us like her, but making her Steph’s lover and nurse was a really interesting twist. We almost wish we’d seen their growing feelings onscreen to see how much influence Belinda has on Steph. It makes a nice change for Neighbours to be exploring bisexuality since it helped wash away the horrors of that ridiculous episode where Pepper and Rosie kissed and felt confused for half an episode. We’re not sure how long Belinda is sticking around or how trustworthy she is, but Neighbours does its slightly unhinged guest characters pretty well so we’re intrigued to see where this goes.


Deathbed Confession

er53_0005_BackgroundWhen love triangles are done well, even if you dislike the endgame couple (see: Brad and Lauren), they can make for gripping viewing. Most of the time we’re left with feelings of frustration when seemingly likeable couples are messed with just for the sake of a story. In the case of Paige and the Brennan brothers, we know Tyler had a thing about her in the beginning (like he did with every other girl in the street) but we’d grown fond of Paige and Mark and they actually seemed to suit each other despite their obvious differences. Paige and Tyler were too similar and their dodgy dealings weren’t great to watch. The last two weeks saw Tyler confess his feelings and Paige tell him that there’s something there, but she’s with Mark. We keep being hit around the head with Tyler’s pining puppy dog eyes and Amber telling Paige that she has chemistry with Tyler and won’t want to settle down with Mark. But we can’t help but groan at another love triangle, more heartache and indecision and bad choices. Has anyone got the energy for Mark and Tyler to be at logger heads?

Softening Feelings

er53_0001_Layer-4Lately there’s been something of a small shift in our feelings towards Amber. While we can’t promise she’s one of our favourites or that we actually like her, we certainly feel less hatred towards her than we used to. Since she’s been away from Daniel and Josh and that sorry mess she’s actually grown up a bit and we saw just how much better she was away from those toxic relationships. Sadly we saw a regression in the last fortnight when Amber witnessed that Josh was showing (vague) signs of maturity and care. I mean, call us old fashioned but considering his kid was just born and the mother nearly died, you’d hope he was caring anyway. But no, Amber decides she might actually have feelings for him again and the world groaned. It’s inevitable isn’t it? Sadly we think so.

The Worst Excuse for a Human

er53_0004_Layer-1Where to start with Brad Willis? Well, putting aside his continued lack of respect of Terese, he made matters work by leaving her in the Erinsborough High fire in favour of saving Lauren. Don’t get us wrong, we know that Terese was trapped and that getting Lauren out made sense but it was how he handled the ordeal that annoyed us. First of all, he didn’t try that bloody hard, secondly in true Brad Willis style, any time he was confronted on the issue, he huffed and puffed and left the room. Never does the man truly explain his actions such is his continued obsession with playing the martyr despite being at fault. His nauseating declarations to Lauren outside the room where his wife is recovering from burns says it all doesn’t it? Selfish and thinks only of himself. Let’s not get started on him trying to reprimand Imogen for disrespecting Lauren whilst he lets Paige continually torment, berate and criticise Terese…

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