Scene of the Week – 26-30 Oct 2015

sceneof theweek

 We do love when a deserving character is forced to eat some humble pie and after weeks of being completely non-chalant  about her behaviour, it was great to see Lauren do the right thing and apologise to Terese for believing she trashed Harold’s. It was a great scene and as usual, Rebekah and Kate played everything to perfection, the awkwardness, Lauren’s guilt, and Terese’s bitterness masking her real emotional upset. It’s fair to say that Terese has had a rough time lately and most surprisingly of all, has dealt with it as best as can be expected so it was nice to see Lauren and Brad realise they were wrong to accuse her and to see Terese properly vindicated. What we also loved was Lauren’s visit coinciding with Terese toying with what to do with the jar of memories for Piper. Terese, upset, ushering Lauren to take it as the memories have been tainted was a great moment and as usual, real and believable. Now if only Lauren and Brad’s rude, aggressive daughter could ever be forced to take responsibility for her actions and similarly apologise, we’d love it…

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