Hits and Misses – 26-30 Oct 2015



Powerful Performance

er52_0002_Layer-2  Amy really came into her own this week as Jimmy went missing and she found out that Liam was not as reformed as he claimed to be. There were times where Amy has seemed a little snappy and harsh with people, but we’re really loving her as a character. Like all the other successful Neighbours characters, Amy has intergrated well into the street. She has friends in Kyle, Steph and Rebecchis and of course works well with her father Paul, even if they do clash now and again. This week we got to see Amy take centre stage as she grappled with the guilt of letting Jimmy walk to Kyle’s yard alone and then had the nasty discovery that Liam has been dealing with some very dodgy people. We were pleasantly surprised that the new Steph and Amy friendship wasn’t ruined by Amy jumping to the same conclusion others had had – that Steph was involved in the disappearance. We’re really looking forward to Amy’s future material as Zoe Cramond showed us what she was really capable of this week.

Heart to Heart

Ier52_0000_Layer-4t was a very minor plot point this week, but we really liked the scenes between Sheila and Susan at the school. For starters – it’s Susan and Sheila! – what’s not to love? They’re two of the shows biggest, brightest characters and definitely the matriarchs of the show. Sheila is known for being brash and outspoken but it was nice to see a softer and more vulnerable side to her as she revealed to Susan that she had not finished school. Initially she’d taken a very Sheila, defensive approach when Susan kept saying the wrong thing, but like all good Neighbours they resolved their differences, with Susan offering Sheila some tutoring. We’re not sure (with the impending school drama ahead) whether this will actually happen, but we can’t get over how fun it would be for Susan to teach Sheila. Make it happen!

Tall Dark and Handsome

Ler52_0001_Layer-3et’s be honest, Liam makes our hit list mainly because he was pretty damn gorgeous. We’ve had enough of the waxed Brennan blandness so it was nice to see someone come into the show as a bit more rugged and charming. Now of course Liam was dodgy – was anyone surprised? – but he was an interesting and charismatic character for the short time he appeared. Neighbours seem to cast guest characters pretty well (if you ignore people like Dimato) and sometimes it’s a shame they only come in for a short time to stir and then leave again. But Liam did a good job of that, being a feckless dad and having a good rapport with his onscreen family. We don’t reckon we’ll see him again, not unless he decides to go straight and be a good dad to Jimmy, but thank you for the eye candy for that short time Neighbours!


Daniel Danger

er52_0003_Layer-1Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve become big fans of Daniel in his post-‘Danber’ guise. He quickly improved as a character away from the love triangle of doom and the blossoming romance with Imogen served to lift his character out of the rut he had fallen into. Imogen’s cynical seriousness dilutes Daniel’s wearying cheeriness and they make a great double act. With that in mind, we’ve really appreciated this recent attempt at a storyline that isn’t related to his love life or supporting his uncle but we’re sorry to say it isn’t quite working for us. The idea of Daniel being attacked and this having an affect on his personality is a great idea in theory but in execution, it isn’t quite hitting the mark. Rather than Daniel’s behaviour feeling like someone who found themselves victim of a crime and reassessing their outlook, they feel like weird mood swings. It’s early days so we hope things can improve from here as it would be disappointing for Daniel’s first proper solo plot to be a misfire.

Missing Child

er52_0004_BackgroundWhat is it with kids on Neighbours and being lost? Or running away? Or running away and then getting lost? Lucy Robinson – the first, did it, many many years later, the offspring of everyone’s favourite character, Ned, did it and now 8 years later, Jimmy Williams is picking up the mantle. It’s bad enough they they already did a similar plot within his first few weeks onscreen and that’s made this repeat performance all the more disappointing. It’s not like the adult characters aren’t strong characters or the performances weren’t good (they certainly were!) but it’s the fact that it’s just so repetitive. And worse still, cheap drama. This is Neighbours, we know nothing bad is going to befall Jimmy. It’s not in the spirit of the show and knowing the outcome is going to be a completely happy ending, you just have to wonder what’s the point? Hopefully this is the end of Jimmy’s disappearing act for a long time.


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