Scene of the Week – 19-23 Oct 2015

sceneof theweek


So many of Steph’s return week scenes were brilliant and we could have chosen any of them as our Scene of the Week but how could we let the week pass without a mention of this scene? If you’re not familiar with a bit of Neighbours trivia then maybe you missed the genius of this scene and thought it was a little bit random for Josh to be introduced to returnee Steph, but Neighbours fans will know that Steph and Josh are played by real life mother and son – Carla and Harley Bonner! Knowing this made the scene a very fun watch, particular with Josh feeling as if they’d met before and that her face is familiar. It was a scene that just HAD to be done and we’re glad it was in this amusing way. It was a nice wink to the audience who know the connection.


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