Hits and Misses – 19-23 Oct 2015



Triumphant Return

   er51_0004_Layer-1There’s few things we’ve loved more about Neighbours in recent years than how much its embraced its past and featured returns from a whole host of familiar faces. For the first time one of those faces is finally back for good and it’s the brilliant Steph. After over a decade in the show, Carla Bonner departed in what was quite a dark, depressing story where she accidentally killed Ringo Brown (give her a medal!) and was sent to prison, only to be released, then steal a baby. How can you bring a character back from that? Well, apparently you can and can do so brilliantly. Steph was returned seeking redemption and feeling refreshed. The time away has done the character the world of good and all those dark plots have given the character fresh material and storylines to build on – storylines that wouldn’t have been possible had the character had a happy ending. Carla, always an excellent actress, has fit right back in effortlessly and works brilliantly with characters young and old. Not only that but as with any returning character, they bring a real sense of history with them and we look forward to the slew of characters who could possibly return due to their strong links with Steph. Libby and Lyn first please!
New Best Friends
er51_0002_Layer-3Neighbours have been great at building friendships lately and Steph and Amy discovering common ground has paved the way for what could be another great one. Someone to talk to, on her side, is something Steph was crying out for this week when she returned and it was great to see Amy grow fond of her without the baggage of the past making her hesitate. We think it seems only natural that the two more tomboy style ladies of the street would have things in common – as well as their love for their young sons. We are already enjoying it and it’s nice to see Amy’s interactions open up to more people, we just hope that things don’t turn dark in the same way Libby and Steph’s friendship did – yikes!
Save Our School
er51_0000_Layer-5Having watched this show for so many years, we’ve seen many variations of the old ‘someone tries to bulldoze the street/buy Lassiter’s’ plots and this time it’s the turn of the school to be under threat. Deep down we know that Erinsborough High will never be removed from the picture as the school as, from the beginning, been a staple of the show but we can roll with it for some fun drama. Setting aside our dislike of Brad, and his ludicruous promotion, the scene where Susan realised her livelihood and career were about to be stolen away from her was surprisingly effective and as ever, brilliantly acted by Jackie Woodburne. The show also managed to tread the fine line with Paul and his true-to-character selfishness without veering into villainy. We’ve loved watching the community pulling together and look forward to the fireworks that are sure to be set off soon..
Interfering Sheila
er51_0001_Layer-4As you know, we are HUGE fans of Sheila but it was a shame to see her meddling in quite an extreme way this week. We get that she was just looking out for the lovely Nate (and we’re a big champion of the Nate and Sheila friendship) but it was a step too far to call the cops on Aaron’s circuit party. Of course she got on the defensive about her mistake but it was a pretty big one – it could have seriously affected Aaron’s whole dance career. It was pretty sweet that she was trying to be there for Nate and it did cause him and Aaron to talk it out, but things could have been a whole lot worse! Does Sheila ever learn?
Endless Selfishness


So Brad and Lauren. Yes, our resident most-hated characters once again are appearing in our misses of the week. They seem to be doing so on a weekly basis these days but with good reason! Setting aside their stomach-churningly cheesy romantic scenes (don’t get us started on that montage!), but they consistently go about dealing with their feelings in precisely the wrong way, even when they’re both free agents! It seems they actively do their best to hurt Terese and rub her face in their relationship. This week they got together officially, championed by cheerleader Paige but it’s a shame no one apart from Terese and Imogen given Brad and Lauren the ire they deserve. With any other characters in the past, this kind of behaviour would be judged by our nosier members of the cast and we feel we’re missing out on that drama. Not to mention the fact that they accused innocent Terse or trashing Harold’s. Upset and bitter though she may be, do they really think Terese is dumb enough to incriminate herself like that? Hopefully the lovely Terese catches a break soon!


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