Scene of the Week – 5-16 Oct 2015

sceneof theweek

We approach our choice for Scene of the Week with a real bittersweet tinge. Naomi Canning, played wonderfully by Morgana O’Reilly, was an outstanding addition to Ramsay Street and we think we’re going to miss her forever. She was bright, funny, sparky and headstrong and brought life to every story she was involved with. In our eyes, Naomi could do no wrong. In true Neighbours and soap style, Naomi’s exit came out of nowhere and she was gone within a day but there were plenty of things we loved about her exit. We saw Naomi finally realise her own independence, self-worth and strength, without needing a man to do this for her. As a character, she grew, whilst keeping every thing we loved about her. She bagged herself an amazing dream job, with her in charge, in an industry she loved and left in a limo – what’s not to love? The loveliest things about Nomes’ time on the show has been her love and the rebuilding of her family relationships, as well as her surprisingly lovely friendship with Imogen. Her exit covered both of these and we were left feeling – as devastated as it was to lose her – just what a perfect exit it was.


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