Hits and Misses – 5-16 Oct 2015



Familiar Faces

  er50_0001_Layer-3  One aspect of the show that has really improved under Jason Herbison is the show embracing its past and featuring the return of a whole host of familiar faces, popping in and out of the show as story dictates. It’s really refreshing and is Neighbours taking advantage of its fantastic 30 years of history. The latest of these was the return of Lucas in order to take over the garage and provide a sounding board for Sonya. Lucas and Sonya have one of the most believable, real and deep friendships that has been developed by the show in the last 10 years and their scenes are always a joy to watch as it truly brings out a raw, and emotional side of Sonya. No one quite gets her like Lucas, and we love that rare example of a male/female friendship free from sexual tension or implied feelings. Whilst we don’t see a permanent return for Lucas and Vanessa possible, or even necessary with the insane amount of babies Vanessa seems to be popping out, it will be nice to see the show continue to make use of Scott Major’s offscreen presence and pop in front of the camera from time to time.

The Dark Side

er50_0002_Layer-2Paul is a character who has gone through a lot of developments in the 11 years since his return to the show – some good, some bad. It’s fair to say the show’s  insistence at one point to push the pantomime villainy side to Paul’s character was a huge mistake, one that almost had Stefan Dennis written out – something that’s unthinkable now. Similarly, Paul will never be a ‘good’ or properly reformed character as it’s not in his nature. He is selfish, he is money-driven and he lashes out when hurt or threatened and when the show manages to take these elements and ground them within character development that they can be pulled off successfully. The character has been on a real upward curve since the death of Kate and his fake illness so it’s been very sad to see how Naomi’s betrayal has undone all Paul’s hard work to change

. His bitter goodbye to Naomi was sad to watch and deep down, we quite liked seeing Paul try to get Josh sent down. It’s not panto silliness, it’s the desperate plotting of a lonely man, getting a taste of his own medicine as one of his many love interests betrayed him as he so often betrayed them. That said, we do hope the character finds a way through his issues and the show doesn’t take his villainy too far.

New Man in Town

er50_0003_Layer-1Jimmy’s dad rocked up this fortnight just as Amy was starting to see romantic potential in Kyle (which was pretty cute we have to admit) – typical! Guest characters always have a hard job in Neighbours, they have to fit in quickly, whip up a storm and then leave but we think Liam’s done a pretty good job already. You can pretty much see the neon sign above his head spelling

out trouble but with his charm, good looks (forget the Brennan boys, seriously – Liam is fine) and ability to put on voices when reading, we can see why Amy is a bit taken with him (again). Of course it’s only Kyle who can see the dodginess coming off him in waves, but Liam’s played an enjoyable part in a predictable story. We’re guessing he won’t be around long, but he’s hot – can we keep him?


Pining and Whining


Is that the whiff of a love triangle we can smell? Another one? Just after we’ve cleared up after the love square mess? Really? Really? Must we? Well – sigh – it looks like it might be the case. Tyler’s had the hots for Paige for quite a while now and for a short time it looked like she was going to reciprocate with the ponytailed one, that was until Mark “boring but moderately cute” Brennan decided he wanted her again. We really like Paige and Mark together and we don’t like when Neighbours mess around with things that are working – especially not if it’s going to involve Paige flitting between the two. Luckily she rejected Tyler’s kiss but with Amber suggesting Paige is fun and flirty with Tyler and Mark not too serious about her – we can see where this is headed. Tyler is a great character who really doesn’t need a love triangle dragging him down. Make it stop.

Enemy Number One

er50_0000_Layer-4It feels like he’s become a regular in our dislikes section but with good reason – Yes. shocker, Brad annoyed us once again. Why you may ask? Where do we begin? The fact that he continues to treat Terese badly and seems to have a bizarre notion that he has the moral highground, shamelessly continuing to criticise her and storm off the moment a conversation isn’t going his way. There’s also the fact that he refuses to parent Josh properly, allowing him to bad mouth his mother and take his side in the split. The fact that he was the one who broke up his marriage and faced with the scenario of having to stay in a hotel, whines endlessly about a perfectly standard room in a desperate bid from pity. And who pitied him?! Erinsborough’s own professional victim, Lauren Turner, who hovers around Brad like a bad smell, smirking too herself but turns on the waterworks whenever someone rightly criticises her behaviour. The breaking point for us? Lauren inviting Brad to move in “as friends” and Brad, clearly willing to hurt his wife and kids as much as possible, taking her up on the offer. Get lost, please.


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