Scene of the Week – 31 Aug-4 Sep 2015

sceneof theweek


For weeks (months even) we’ve seen Terese’s gradual alcohol dependence become an issue in her marriage as her insecurities about Lauren bubbled to the fore and Brad spent far, far too much time with his doe-eyed ex. Terese, usually, so strong is often barking orders and generally giving Brad a well-earned telling off for his thoughtless behaviour. This week, however, we saw a complete different side to Terese. Fresh from supposedly “making a scene” at Brad’s school function (although if you ask us, Brad was the one making the scene!), Terese exposed her fears to Brad and for the first time to the viewer, we saw Terese open up and be truly vulnerable. It was, as ever, a wonderful performance from Rebekah Elmaloglou who played Terese’s apology with absolute sincerity. However, it was the ending of the scene where Terese’s heartfelt ‘I love you’ went unreciprocated that really caught our eye. Kip Gamblin’s sudden realisation that Brad was unable to say the words back was a fantastic moment as was poor Terese’s quiet devastation. In our opinion, one of the pair’s best ever scenes.


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