Hits and Misses – 31 Aug-4 Sep 2015



Angie’s Always Welcome

er46_0004_Layer-1We love a Neighbours returnee and thankfully under Jason Herbison’s tenure, the returnees have been thick and fast. Since we’re celebrating twenty years of Toadie, it would be criminal not to to feature the return of the criminally underused and much loved, Angie. Sure enough when she returned this week it was like she’d never left. The character effortlessly slots back into the show and quickly reminded us why we love her so much. Brash, loud and overbearing, it was a joy to see her again. She quickly made herself at home, doting on Toadie, annoying Sonya and quickly making an impression on Amy. Our highlight of her tenure so far being Amy’s absolutely spot-on impression! Angie is classic Neighbours in many ways and a character straight out of the show’s second golden era in the 90’s – we really hope to see much more of her in the future! She’s simply too good not to.


er46_0003_Layer-2Now prepare yourself for perhaps the biggest shock in the history of this blog… Amber is one of our hits this week. We know, we know. It came as a shock to us too but this week Amber, not one to be the sharpest tool in the shed, finally managed to rumble Josh’s creepy catfish plan to get closer to her and we loved it! Don’t get us wrong, the plot has done irreparable damage to Josh and any dignity Amber currently has will be lost if she ever considers taking him back but we loved the moment where her text to ‘Phoebe’ was delivered to Josh’s phone a few metres away. Not only that but Jenna Rosenow really rose to the occasion and in our opinion, delivered one of her best performances as she angrily ordered Josh to get lost. Maybe Amber should just stay off guys and be single forever – it may be her calling!


er46_0002_Layer-3While we have a sinking feeling that Russell Brennan isn’t going to turn out to be the good guy that our Sheila needs, the two of them getting together after a bit of interference from their families was classic Neighbours. As always Mark is always a lot better in lighter plots and Kyle’s face pulling at the thought of his gran and Russell getting cosy was a sight to behold. It was quite touching to see both lads get concerned about their nearest and dearest getting hurt by the potential romance leading to Mark giving Russell a bit of a pep talk when Kyle adopted a defence poor for his gran. If the relationship all goes a bit pear shaped (and let’s face it – Sheila doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to suitable men) at least she’s got herself a classy new hair do!


The Other Woman

er46_0001_Layer-4Let’s be clear, the blame for this whole sorry Terese/Brad/Lauren mess doesn’t fall just to one person – although there’s a strong argument for pinning all the blame on Brad, granted! – but we have a real issue with Lauren’s behaviour. We know Brad’s her friend, but we also know she has been pining after him since day one. She knows that the Willis marriage is struggling and that Terese is insecure about the situation, but not once has Lauren backed off. She always seems to be there for Brad at every opportunity, being the perfect “friend” and defying Terese’s wishes at every turn. Sure, she might not know that Brad’s woodwork was a sticking point in the marriage but offering to store his wood and put his ugly carving on show in the cafe is bound to cause problems – she’s not stupid. Don’t even get us started on the many scenes this week where she gave him the doe eyes. She might realise they’re driving Terese but she’s not being fair on her by continuing to have all these meaningful chats – where’s the sister solidarity.

Husband from Hell

er46_0000_Layer-5If Brad Willis has any redeeming features we’re yet to find them. When he’s not mooning over Lauren and gazing dreamily over the lake, he’s tearing into Terese for criticising him and ruining his dreams. She wanted him to keep a stable job to support their family – big deal. She wanted him to be open about his friendship with Lauren and spend less alone time together – do you blame her? Terese isn’t perfect and she can be untrusting and demanding but what do you expect, Brad? He hasn’t given her much reason to trust him and even as he berated her when she accused him of running to Lauren, he continued to do the exact same. Any idiot can see Terese is struggling and having issuses with alcohol but Brad just turns it back on her at every opportunity. Poor Matt Turner sacrificed his life for this chump. Bet he’s regretting that now.


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