Hits and Misses – 17-21 Aug 2015



Downward Spiral

   er44_0003_Layer-1 It was another fantastic week for one of our personal favourites,Terese and her slow-burn alcoholism storyline. Lest we forget Neighbours is the same soap that once painted Stingray as an alcoholic after a few nights out partying with friends and the less said about Karl’s long since forgotten drinking problem the better. It’s refreshing to see how gradual Terese’s dependence has been portrayed and the subtle ways it has begun affecting her life as opposed to OTT melodrama. This week, as well as battling Sheila’s concerns for her, Terese had to face swirling workplace rumours. It was natural and believable, as was Terese’s reaction where she let one bitchy employee send her on an angry spiral that once again affected how she treated Paul, Amy and Brad. For now it seems like Sheila is the only one who is noticing Terese’s struggle but we feel like things will get worse before they get better. And with the strength of writing for Terese and Rebekah Elmalogou’s performances, we can’t wait.

Power Ladies

er44_0004_BackgroundSeeing the rivalry between Sue Parker and Naomi come to the forefront was a real highlight this week after Naomi tried to outsmart her once she discovered Sue offered to pay Josh for sex (Naomi’s shock at that was a gloriously funny moment). The sniping between the two, as Sue accused Gnomes of being a golddigger made Naomi’s later comeback even more satisfying. It looks like Naomi is really taking after Paul as she tried to blackmail her way into a job but the cunning plan seemed to pay off pretty well and we always enjoy seeing Sue when the pot needs stirring!

Lightening Up

er44_0002_Layer-2We all groaned when the Dimato plot continued this week but it was an absolute joy to have it finally resolved and in a surprising and fun way. We didn’t have to see too much damsel Paige or too much earnest Mark and the conclusion was wrapped up quickly with Paige firmly in the driving seat. Once Brennan had located her and saw that his fiesty girlfriend had managed to tie up and gag Joey he was pretty impressed and they got back to teasing and smooching – which is much more enjoyable to watch than the awful gangster plots. Giving Mark a kickass girlfriend who is a little reckless is a nice dynamic rather than him always acting the lecturing hero.


Predictable Plot

er44_0001_Layer-3We do like Amy. Yes, she’s overprotective of her son and yes, she jumps to conclusions and gets a little confrontational but we’re sure that after a few months of Erinsborough life, she’ll mellow. That said, we’ve really not enjoyed the story where Amy succeeded Naomi as Paul’s EA. It’s nothing to do with the characters at hand – as we’ve said, we like Amy, and Paul, Terese and Naomi are among our favourites. It’s more to do with the story itself and how predictable it was, and even moreso how predictable the conclusion would be. Of course, Amy was going to be bad at it, and of course Paul would be left in the awkward position of having to fire his daughter. No one believed for a minute that the rough and ready Amy would succeed in the business world so sadly, the plot seemed a little pointless. We did enjoy Paul’s desperation to keep his daughter around but other than that, we can only hope Amy gets back to her normal job soon!

Blind Brad

er44_0000_Layer-4As Terese continues to cement her place as one of our firm favourites week after week. Brad serves only to cement his place at the bottom of our rankings. Yes, Brad continues to be blind to his wife’s obvious addiction. You’d think that, given Terese’s strange reaction to the mere mention of a dry August that alarm bells would be ringing but it seems not. Instead this week, Brad was more concerned with building some wooden artwork (and we agree with Terese, you know it’ll be ugly) and retaliated by building an ugly shed in which to hide his ugly artwork. We don’t know how Terese can cope with Brad’s childishness and once again, instead of talking things through with his wife, Brad either ignores the problem or complains to someone else. We have to wonder whether Brad thinks the grass would be greener with Lauren but unless he has a reality check about his own behaviour and flaws, we like to think that even giddy Lauren would tire of his manchild ways.


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