Hits and Misses – 27-31 July 2015



Businesswoman of the Year
er41_0000_Layer-5    Another week, another series of glorious Naomi moments. He relationship with Paul is really beginning to heat up and we’re really beginning to enjoy the bond between the two. Naomi challenges Paul in a really good way and we enjoy the playful battles for power in their relationship as Noami coaxes stuck-in-the-mud Paul to bend to her will. But even better this week was Naomi seeking to prove herself to Paul as a businesswoman with her ‘Lassiter’s hotel room in a box’ idea. The scene itself was fantastic as Morgana O’Reilly delivered what quickly became a long-winded, convoluted ramble to perfection and what made the scene brilliant was Rebekah Elmaloglou and Stefan Dennis trying, and failing, to keep a straight face. Just as good was Naomi thinking on her feet as she locked Nate and Aaron in the box and made the most of her situation by schmoozing clients and getting giddy at hashtags and panicked over retweets from Graham Norton. Naomi is in many ways the star of the show at the moment and long may she reign.

Kings of Comedy
er41_0001_Layer-4The Kennedys prove time and time again that no matter what plot you throw at them they always manage to make warm and funny scenes as enjoyable as possible. The great thing with having such a long running couple that viewers know like their own family, is that every story is crammed full of inside jokes and nods to the past, but they still manage to surprise too. We have to address one of the biggest soap twists in history: Karl did not write his infamous ‘hit’ Free as a River! He stole the lyrics from a poem a friend wrote. We’re still reeling. Susan being Susan knew all this of course but Karl was not happy at the thought he might not know all her sordid secrets and made us giggle as he tried to work out what Suse was hiding. Scenes like that where they reveal unseen Kennedy histories remain some of our favourites – so in-character that Karl and Susan just feel like real people. We love them so much, if only they were our real parents. (Just don’t mention the Blue Box)

Boys in a Box
er41_0003_Layer-2Now, make no mistake, we were fans of Nate’s relationship with Chris but it’s far to say, as per usual with Chris, it was a very angsty relationship with Chris’s highly-strung nature meaning there was little fun between the pair. So the growing bond between Nate and Aaron has been a much welcome change in that regard and we got to enjoy more of their ‘odd couple’ dynamic this week when Naomi locked them in a box and they had to confront the issues between themselves. While we way be waiting to see more from Aaron beyond happy go lucky, family oriented gay stripper (although his happiness is a welcome trait from the usually miserable Brennans), we do enjoy his teasing of Nate and even funnier was Nate perving on Aaron and clearly enjoying that racy (by Neighbours’ standards) kiss. Meyne Wyatt has become such a charming, funny presence on the show and if ‘Naaron’ proves to be that most rare of soap creations – a happy, gay couple – we can’t wait.


Bratty Behaviour
er41_0004_Layer-1We were really enjoying Jimmy and his mum Amy and their involvement with Kyle and the Rebecchis and then it went a little bit pear shaped. We’ve suffered through some pretty awful kids in Neighbours’ history but Jimmy was shaping up nicely until he started being a little…brat. We weren’t all that keen on Jimmy blackmailing the residents of Ramsay Street just because he wanted some sweets and chocolate and we hated seeing Sheila accused and rattled. Amy came across as quite stroppy and defensive even when given evidence of his bad behaviour. Now that his sweet tooth villainy has been exposed we hope he gets back to being a nice kid again!

Straight to Video Gangsters
er41_0002_Layer-3This week we experienced the end to one of the longest, most drawn out sagas in recent Neighbours history – just a shame it’s not been a good story. Yes, this week finally saw the end to the Dimato plot and not a moment too soon. It’s a shame we can’t say that the finale justified the months-long build-up because sadly, it was the opposite. It didn’t help that Dimato was an unconvincing villain, it didn’t help that the much better Michelle wasn’t given much to do, it didn’t help that it felt like we saw the same Tyler and Paige scenes over and over, and it certainly didn’t help that Miss Mark Marple himself was involved throughout. It’s the type of action related plot that has never been Neighbours’ strongest point and a perfect example in how the show fails in traditional ‘gangster’ villains of other soaps and excels in the more manipulative, devious characters like Izzy Hoyland. So this week as Tyler got ‘roughed up’, Mark endangered everyone and Dimato swore revenge like some second-rate Scooby-Doo villain, we can only hope the sorry saga is never mentioned again.


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