Scene of the Week – 20-24 July 2015

sceneof theweek

Neighbours is renowned for its sunny, bright, cosiness – it’s the show’s trademark after all. However under Jason Herbison, the show has taken a slightly edgier slant and whilst it’s still very much a world away from the grit of some other soaps, the show is no longer afraid of embracing its darker nature and we love it. Whether that be the more frank allusions to Sonya’s past, Erin’s addiction or indeed, the first murder of a regular character in Kate Ramsay, we like Neighbours best when it’s a mix of light and shade. Therefore this week our favourite scene was when poor Imogen, Erinsborough’s own Lois Lane, got herself in a precarious situation with Josh’s boss, Forrest. Quickly rumbled thanks to her clueless brother, Imogen made her escape but soon found herself on the receiving end of Forrest’s anger, cornered to the ground with only a branch to defend herself. While we didn’t see Imogen wield the blow to Forrest’s head, the scene was suitably tense and Forrests’ implication about what he’d do to silence Imogen was suitably dark and chilling – a far cry from this week’s Dimato ‘dark’ melodrama.


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