Hits and Misses – 20-24 July 2015


er40_0000_Layer-5    Free from the clutches of insipid Amber, Daniel continues his resurgence – finally becoming a character he has had the potential to be all along. We’ve long since noted that the dreadful ‘Danber’ relationship took what promised to be a fresh, fun character and quickly relegated him to triangle monotony and annoying, unbelievable declarations of love. However, with that unpleasantness now behind us, Daniel has improved immeasurably. Funny, warm, pleasant, he’s really found his footing again and the scenes he’s shared with Imogen are natural and full of chemistry. They were the couple we wanted all along and the couple we still hope to receive. We hope they’ll sidestep a lot of the drama that plague other relationships on the show, and continue to flourish. As their scenes proved this week, the pair are a perfect counter to each other and the perfect antidote to Josh and Amber.

The Perfect Woman

er40_0003_Layer-2Honestly there’s not an episode that goes by where we don’t love Naomi but she was at her absolute best this week. Having been given the brush of by Paul and feeling increasingly shut out, she took a bold move and stood up to Paul telling him she wasn’t going to put up with being kept a secret. They made up in a rather cute way which made us warm to the idea of Nomes and Paul together but we loved that she stuck to her guns and decided to go into business alone again. What else we loved is that Naomi and Sonya forged a sort of friendship and it was wonderful to see both characters together in that way. Naomi manages to be fiercely independent and full of personality even when she’s hooked up with a powerful man. Never change Naomi – you’re fabulous.

Toddler Troubles

er40_0002_Layer-3You’d be hard pushed to find a cuter kiddie in soapland than our wonderful Nell Rebecchi but this week she proved to be a little bit challenging to her poor mum and dad. There’s been no stopping her lately from sweet tea parties with resident grump Mark, to just generally gabbling away in her adorable way. But this week saw her throw a few tantrums and start biting people – even the elusive babysitter Judith! Sonya and Toadie, being the concerned parents they are, tried everything they could to make the little miss behave but in the end there was only one solution – the Rebecchis headed to see the parenting masters – Karl and Susan. It seems only right that Toadie’s second parents help him with their own wise words and we’re always glad of these extended family scenes. They warm our hearts!


Brotherly Bother

er40_0004_Layer-1In the world’s most dull gangster plot which NEVER ENDS, you’d think a good character like Tyler could just about salvage it but we really struggled to find it anything less than tedious. Mark works best when he’s fussing about coasters or playing with Nell – the serious cop stuff is just so dry and uninteresting so making him central to the Dimato plot doesn’t help. Having him fight with Tyler and organise secret operations doesn’t make us long for the brothers to reunite it just makes us wish we could finally move on and see their fun sides again.

The Trouble with Josh

er40_0001_Layer-4We have a strange relationship with Josh Willis. We couldn’t stand him for his first year on the show but it seemed like after his swimming injury, coupled with the return visit from his grandparents, that the character really turned a corner. By the time Amber dumped and his relationship with Naomi was in full swing, he was one of our favourites and this continued to be the case even through his realistic and sympathetic role in the coward punch story. Then he got obsessed with Amber and his character regressed immeasurably. This week, spurred on by his desire to help Amber financially, Josh turned against his own sister. Yes, unappreciative of Imogen’s concern and mounting evidence that Forrest was supplying dodgy pills, Josh dropped his sister in it and led to a very difficult and dangerous situation between Imogen and Forrest. We really wish Josh would remind us of what we once loved about the character before it’s too late.


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