Hits and Misses – 13-17 July 2015



Team Terese!

er39_0000_Layer-5    It was a terrible week for Terese but a great week for fans of her as she found herself in constant turmoil over Paige’s plan to reunite Brad and Lauren. We’ve long been avid supporters of #TeamTerese and this week was so different. While we can’t say that taking advice from Paul Robinson is ever a good idea, we loved seeing the pair interact amicably after their unpleasantness with Ezra earlier in the year. The clink of the glasses really reminded us of how much we miss their friendship and we’re hopeful to see it continue. And while Paul was the devil on her shoulder, Susan provided another perspective for Terese and we loved seeing Terese vent her frustrations about Paige to a shocked Susan donning a Cher wig. Our personal Terese highlight? Wearing her Katy Perry wig, sipping a glass of wine and looking like she wanted to chuck it at Paige’s head during her speech. Brilliant.

Costume Crazy

er39_0004_Layer-1There’s little we love more than a good Neighbours party and this week saw a great costume party for Paige’s birthday. We couldn’t get over how great the outfits was. From Paige in the sexy and iconic JLo outfit, to Terese as a smurfy Katy Perry, the love-square coming as Abba (just as messy), Karl and Suse as Sonny and Cher, Naomi and Paul as Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Kyle as Keith Urban, Sheila as a fabulous Dolly. Sure, we cringed over Sandy and Danny but we loved how the outfits just worked for the characters and their dynamics and we wish there was an excuse for the Ramsay Street residents to get dressed up more often.

Danber Dumping

er39_0001_Layer-4Daniel took a new method this week to try and repair his severely damaged relationship with Amber by trying to remind them both how things started. Ahh doesn’t it seem only yesterday they had vibes in the darkroom? It’s well known we hate the Danber relationship so we were glad to see it over, but we thought the scene when they finally realised, with a quiet sadness, that their relationship was beyond repair was actually very well done. We did have a slight and horrific panic Daniel was going to climb down the well to mope but luckily he didn’t and just dropped the ring there instead. Let’s hope we can all move on from this sorry mess.


Paige Rage

er39_0002_Layer-3Paige has some serious issues with her adoptive parents, we know this but this week we had a whole week of her ranting. We do feel a bit sorry for her that she felt she was unloved, but at times this week it was hard to completely sympathise considering the way she treated Mary. Maybe we’re alone but we felt like Paige was very harsh to the woman who raised her without giving her a chance to share her side of the story. We already lost a bit of affection for her when she was so rude to Terese in her efforts to ruin the Willis marriage when we’re not sure she’s ever going to find the perfect family she feels like she’s been missing her whole life. We’ve always liked Paige and her fiery nature but sometimes we wish she’d calm down her sharp attitude.

Puppy Dog Eyes

er39_0003_Layer-2Another week, another chance for Brad and Lauren to annoy us. What was worse? Their gushing proud parents routine, the puppy dog eyes, or the seeming inability to stay away from each other for more than an hour at a time? This week we think the most annoying thing of all, apart from Brad’s continues treatment of his poor wife, was the nauseating behaviour at Paige’s party complete with those costumes. Yes, Brad and Lauren’s convenient costume decisions endured they arrived at the party in matching Grease ensemble. As they exclaimed “Danny!” and “Sandy!” we were shaking in rage and frankly, donned our own Katy Perry to give them the stank eye.


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