Scene of the Week – 6-10 July 2015

sceneof theweek
Our favourite scene this week by far was the wonderful moment between Terese and Daniel. Neighbours excels at odd friendships or partnerships and creating great scenes using them and this was no exception. We can barely remember if Terese and Daniel have ever shared a meaningful scene before that didn’t have a mix of other characters present but this is what made this week’s scene all the better. The show drew interesting and poignant links between the characters’ circumstances and pointed out startling similarities that many viewers never noticed, us included. While you couldn’t find two more different personalities than Terese and Daniel, we loved their common ground and Terese’s real, warm advice – sidestepping the potentially awkward situation due to her being Josh’s mum. The scene ended up being the easy highlight of this entire baby saga and if it must continue, more of this duo please.


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