Hits and Misses – 6-10 July 2015



Bride and Gloom

er38_0000_Layer-5    One of our favourite developments in recent weeks has been the plot between Nate and Alistair. What seemed like a run-of-the-mill one episode plot has become something much better and very watchable. Even though we all saw the twist coming at the beginning of the episode, it was still a great shock to see Alistair as the groom in the upcoming wedding Susan is set to officiate. While the drama was low-key, the story has been filled with great little moments that have made it work for us. The relationship between Susan and Nate has really grown on us and they have a believable bond so to see that bond tested when Nate betrayed Susan by revealing the truth to Coco was great drama. The highlight, however, is the character of Alistair itself. Neighbours’ guest characters are notoriously hit or miss in recent years but this is one we feel is well-acted, well-characterised and helped make this story rise above the likes of the Georgia and Scotty saga of recent years.

Friendship Goals

er38_0004_Layer-1This week saw the return of one of our favourite, and underused friendships in the cast – Naomi and Imogen. It’s been far too long since the pair shared any screentime which is a shame because they’ve always had fantastic chemistry and this week was no exception. In a refreshing change of pace since their last scenes, it was the turn of Imogen to give Naomi relationship advice on her new romance with Paul. While we’re still not 100% sold on the idea of Naomi and Paul just yet, we loved Naomi having someone to confide in about her fears and to discuss her chequered romantic past! Despite a lot of strong links with many other cast, Naomi lacks friends and poor Imogen has recently between stuck in the Amber Love Triangle of Doom, so we really hope the show has revitalised their friendship for a reason and we continue to see the pair interact in the future. Giving the women a confidante not only gives them both a sounding board but their chalk and cheese differences always lends itself to some fun moments and witty dialogue.

Different Daniel

er38_0001_Layer-4It’s well known we’re not the greatest fan of Daniel – there’s only so much of his “vibe” we can stomach and the whole Danber thing put us right off him but this week we felt a bit differently towards him. After his heart to heart with Terese and the forlorn expression he carried around with him we actually started to feel bad for the guy. As much as we hate Danber, you can’t help but feel he’s getting a raw deal being shut out of all the family decisions and being treated like a third wheel against Amber and Josh when he’s the one whose been wronged. It was nice to see a softer and more vulnerable side to him without the smugness or the grating positivity. We can’t quite see why he’s putting up with the unbearable pair! More on that…


Dim Detective

er38_0003_Layer-2We’re still on the endless merry-go-round of the Dimato plot even though it feels like it’s been Neighbours’ longest plots ever. Mark Brennan is the world’s most boring cop which doesn’t help ease the tedium of a gangster plot, but it was like wading through treacle trying to watch him piece together the Tyler mystery. He’s a cop – isn’t he supposed to have smart investigative skills? Yet all he could do when trying to solve the case was pull confused faces and miss obvious confusions. We’re surprised that more criminals haven’t got away with bigger crimes with him on the force!

Romeo and Juliet

er38_0002_Layer-3Remember that blissful period of time last year when Josh and Amber were finally over and we were all so grateful? They were never good together, for various reasons, and now in 2015 things aren’t exactly any better. Bizarrely Neighbours seems to think they are Romeo and Juliet – star-crossed lovers, family opposition and the like – but honestly there’s nothing iconic about them. We can’t sympathise, we’re not on their side and all their ‘us against the world’ attitude, combined with Amber’s constant eyerolling isn’t helping matters. We feel like we’re a broken record as far as these two are concerned  but it’s getting worse. We hope they do get on this plane to America and boy let’s hope they stay there. Failing that it could always end the same way as Romeo and Juliet – no complaints here.


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