Hits and Misses – 29 June-3 July 2015



Sharon Shock

er37_0003_Layer 2  This week saw the return of the much-loved Sharon Canning as she finally spilled the beans about her afternoon delight with Matt to grieving wife Lauren – and it was brilliant. While Brad’s behaviour continues to be incredibly out of line and Terese is far too forgiving of his inability to spend more than 15 minutes away from Lauren, we’ve been waiting for this secret to be revealed since Matt died and it’s not been a moment too soon. Lauren vs. Sharon was fantastic, as were Sharon’s pointed remarks about Lauren’s friendship with Terese and Terese’s own ulterior motives. While Lauren and Terese shared an emotional heart-to-heart and seem to have put their issues behind them, we wonder how long it will last. We’re also glad that Lauren came to realise that despite Matt’s infidelity, he was a good man. Damning him entirely with this recent news would be hugely unfair given Lauren and Brad’s own indiscretion…


er37_0004_Layer 1Their working relationship didn’t get off to the greatest start this week but there’s something really likeable about the Kyle and Amy team work this week. It was a clash of personalities and misunderstandings but we think there’s real potential there for a fun friendship. Kyle’s a bit of a loveable loser but he could really do with someone to boss him about a bit at work and Amy could be the one, as long as she doesn’t keep interfering and rock the boat. We really like Amy already but she’s quite stroppy and maybe Kyle would be a good balance to that too as we know how laid back he can be! We just hope Neighbours doesn’t go down the predictable route of having them fall for each other now that Georgia is in Germany!

Aaron Brennan

er37_0002_Layer 4This week also saw the arrival of what is fast becoming an increasing presence on the show – another Brennan brother! I think it’s fair to saw that few of us saw the point of Brennan joining the regular cast just as Kate was brutally shot dead but it seems their perseverance with the character is paying off as they begin to build a family around him. We already like the much more mellow Tyler and it seems Aaron is in the same mould. Gay stripper Aaron already seems like a fun addition to the show and we live in hope that two fun-loving Brennans finally manage to save Mark from the pits of boring cop stories. We also really liked Aaron’s scenes with Nate, who we’re sure he’ll be dating in record time as is the Neighbours tradition. Until then however we loved their obvious incompatibility and lack of anything in common. And lest we forget, adding “Dirty Gertie” to the Neighbours universe is something we’ll be forever thankful for.


Wet Blanket

er36_0000_Layer 6Amber. Just when will her reign of “drama”” end? Don’t get us wrong, both Daniel and Josh particularly are acting out of line. Both men treat Amber like a possession and little thought is given to her feelings but Amber really doesn’t help matters. Neighbours is a soap renowned for its strong female characters. Ask any fan and they could list you dozens of iconic female characters who are strong-willed, independent, funny, clever or all of the above. Then there’s Amber, probably one of the wettest, most bland characters in the show’s history. Rather than taking control of her own life and telling Daniel and Josh a thing or two, kicking both of them out until they can learn to live with their current situation, Amber continues to let them walk all over her, constantly snipe in every scene and make her feel worse. Backbone for Amber please.

No Substance

er37_0001_Layer 5Is there a worse plot than the over-used dodgy substance plot?! As if Josh’s part in the terrible baby story wasn’t bad enough he’s now become embroilled in a deathly dull substance plot. We just can’t work out why we’re supposed to want Josh to provide for Amber and the baby when he just comes across as so controlling and now he’s going to these stupid and extreme lengths to raise cash and compete with Daniel. We’re sure Terese and Brad aren’t that short of cash and all Josh is going to do is end up in more debt and now that Kyle has eyed up Josh’s very dodgy supplies we’re just moments away from a big drug disaster. This plot is predictable and dull and does zero favours for Josh as a character. He could at least do with a fun plot away from this triangle rubbish.


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