Hits and Misses – 22-26 June 2015



Family Robinson

er36_0003_Layer-2This week saw latest arrival Amy Williams begin to settle into life in Erinsborough, as well as reveal that she’s not moving alone – she’s mother to Paul’s first and thus far, only grandchild. We mentioned last week that we’re big fans of Zoe Cramond’s performance as Amy and this week was no different. Amy is raw, hurt but independent, warm and hard working and has tonnes of future potential. Jimmy, despite our worries, avoided the cliché Neighbours plot about runaway children in peril and seems to be likeable and not at all like some of the bratty kids of Neighbours past. We enjoyed Amy quickly meeting the locals as well as the refreshingly strong scenes with Daniel as they bonded over their family history. Similarly Paul’s scenes with his daughter and grandson have been a joy. It’s put a fresh spin on the character and it’s great to see Paul with a child in the show – a true bond that rings true in a way that his fatherly concern for Kate could never did. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and how Paul, Amy and Jimmy build a relationship.

Date Night

er36_0000_Layer-5There was a lot we loved in the scenes this week where Nate took the dating plunge again. Once again we had fantastic friendship scenes between the Nate, Toadie and Kyle trio with Susan chipping in now and again. The lads weren’t that great with the love advice but Susan swooped in and managed to calm Nate down as well as giving us some brilliant insights into her and Karl’s dates from the past – with Karl trying to woo Susan with his own guitar playing. Classic, cringey Karl! As for the date itself, Kyle proved difficult to get rid of, not picking up on Susan’s subtle hints and Nate didn’t have much luck at all. With the arrival of the homophobic guy, Alistair, who verbally attacked him in The Waterhole, Nate was on an edge, ruining his date completely. Then Neighbours took an interesting soapy twist and Alistair landed a kiss on Nate! We’re interested to see what happens next!

Simmering Feelings

er36_0002_Layer-3They might not be Romeo and Juliet, but there’s still something between Paige and Mark Brennan even now. We really liked them when they got together at the time of the tornado and they still have chemistry now, even though Brennan isn’t exactly Mr Charisma. Paige is still pretending to be Tyler’s girlfriend to cover up their dodgy dealings and despite their kiss the other week, Paige and Tyler aren’t setting the world alight and Brennan doesn’t seem very keen to step on his brother’s toes. With their almost kiss this week it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they hook up again – we hope so anyway.


Snap Out of It

er36_0004_Layer-1The character derailment of former favourite of this blog, Josh Willis, continued this week and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel as he tried to indoctrinate his neighbours into a shady pyramid scheme. It felt like since the first guest return of his grandfather and in the wake of his shoulder injury, the character of Josh really turned a corner. Funny, pleasant, caring – he quickly became a great presence onscreen in the classic mould of ‘boy next door’ male teens. The only negative about his character? His continuing obsession with Amber and sadly, this has only increased with the recent revelation she’s carrying his child. It feels like Josh’s sole purpose at the minute is to plot ways to win Amber back by means of providing for their child and we’re missing the nuance of his character. How does he really feel about being a dad? We hope that in the coming weeks the character snaps out of his current predicament and recaptures the fun, likeable Josh we once knew – as well as being a (non-Amber-obsessing) dad to his child.

Poolside Pains

er36_0001_Layer-4Another week, another chance for Brad Willis to prove how untrustworthy he is. This week, spurred on by their meddling daughter romanticising about the idea of her parents being reunited, Brad and Lauren spent some quality family time with their daughter – half naked, playing games by the pool, at Lauren’s house. It’s a miracle Terese hasn’t cracked because we were throwing things at the screen due to Brad and Lauren’s appalling lack of regard for Terese’s feelings and their inappropriate behaviour. Not only that but Brad continues to make out that Terese is being unreasonable when she’s been more than forgiving of his many betrayals, small and major, since the truth about Lauren’s child was revealed. While we love the plot and relish the ‘older’ actors being given really meaty material, we can’t condone Brad and Lauren’s behaviour!


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