Scene of the Week – 15-19 June 2015

sceneof theweek sc40

In what has to be one of our favourite Neighbours episodes in ages, we saw Toadie, Kyle and Nate almost forming a new House of Trouser with Kyle and Toadie teaming up to be Nate’s wingmen. As the three hapless chaps stood around at The Waterhole’s LGBTI event, Kyle and Toadie tried to come up with a way to keep Nate’s flirting running smoothly. This brought us a fantastic Scene of the Week where Toadie and Kyle debated who was more attractive and therefore who’d make a better distraction. Kyle was picked and after some innuendo laden chat about his ‘ring’ Kyle went in for the kill and managed to bore the poor guy to death. We are very fond of this new friendship trio and it was scenes like this that made a good episode great.


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