Hits and Miss – 8-12 June 2015



Tense Terese

er34_0002_Layer-2  Ah, poor Terese. As sad as it was to see her on edge, worried about her husband and fearful of his growing relationship with Lauren, we can’t deny that we love seeing more of the character scrambling to hold her life together. This week we loved Terese being the only one to act like an adult in regards to Amber and Josh’s pregnancy. Rather than the cause for celebration or indifference that everyone else seems to treat it as, pragmatic Terese was quick to point out the massive changes ahead. While her dig at Amber was maybe a bit out of line, it was realistic and it came from a place of great characterisation. Since her arrival on the show, we have seen Terese’s perfect marriage begin to crack and every lie from Brad or Lauren only adds to the drama. We can’t help but feel sorry for Terese but most importantly, we loved the character’s growth. Having grown accustomed to being disappointed by Brad’s all-too-frequent white lies, Terese didn’t rant and rave but issued a stern ultimatum. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all involved!

Better and Better

er34_0000_Layer-4Post-Chris, Nate continues to get better and better – fast becoming one of our favourites! Not only has his friendship with Tyler been fun to watch, as has his continuing bond with Karl and Susan, but giving the character some lighter material has been a revelation to us. Meyne Wyatt has a fantastic dry delivery and his double-act with Sheila has been one of the most unexpected highlights in recent weeks. He’s the perfect ‘straight’ man to Sheila’s OTT antics and the way Sheila has adopted him as the surrogate, gay son she’s been missing since Chris’s departure is sweet, as misguided as some of her actions are! We felt so sorry for Nate this week when Alistair turned him down with an abusive outburst and we can only hope sweet Nate gets some love soon! Maybe with someone less angsty than Chris!

Goodbye Georgia

er34_0003_Layer-1This week we waved goodbye to Georgia, who sadly chose to leave us mere months after her character finally started to work! We’ve often criticised the character for her numerous, numerous relationship based storylines where she’d whine and whinge and generally, be quite unlikeable. However, since she and Kyle married, the character took a real turn for the better and we’re left a little disappointed that she’s gone! The all-new, mature Kyle and Georgia were fun to watch and it was refreshing to see them deal with their issues like adults instead of arguing and constantly breaking up. Just as good was the fantastic Nick plot, which was a real highlight of the year so far and a good change of pace in terms of Georgia’s stories. We think/hope Georgia and Kyle reunite one day but until then, let’s laugh at the fact that she took off to Germany with a day’s notice and left Erinsborough Hospital in the lurch once again.


Down the Well

er34_0004_BackgroundWe know Neighbours have a limited budget so if they’re going to build a well set and have a whole plot centred around it then they might as well get their money’s worth, right? Wrong! We can’t believe how ridiculous this plot was this week – to have Paige and Tyler decide that the best place for them to hide out was the old well. Does Paige not remember her sister almost died down there? By some miracle not only was there no water in the well, the ladder was fixed and amazingly there was phone signal. To top it off what made the well trip even crazier was that Tyler and Paige seemed to find it so cosy (read: dank, dark, smelly, wet…) that it was the perfect place for a pash. Call us mad but a well isn’t top of our romantic date ideas. Thank goodness it was short lived, if only we could say the same for this Tyler/Paige money plot. Yawn central.

Who’s the Daddy?

er34_0001_Layer-3In the biggest “who cares?” plot of the moment, we found out that low-and-behold Josh is the father of Amber’s unborn spawn. Can’t say we’re surprised, it seemed obvious from the get-go that this was going to be the catalyst for splitting up Drippy and Hippie. Nevertheless Josh continues in his sharp decline of likeable and we find ourselves wondering what happened to the guy we liked so much. This Josh is so creepy! He’s your typical predatory, overbearing “Nice Guy” all in a bid to win Amber back. We don’t even like her but even we think she should stay well away from Josh whose enthusiasm for becoming a dad and latching onto Amber forever more is like something out of a domestic psychological thriller. Yikes. Is there any saving Josh now? Or should we just give up all hope of ever liking him again? We’d pin our hopes on Imogen talking some sense into him but even she might not be able to help considering her pre-occupation with Daniel.


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