Hits and Misses – 1-5 June 2015



Lady Loving

er33_0000_Layer-4The unexpected, yet unsuprising highlight, of the week goes to another classic comedy plot with the Rebecchis proving yet again what an asset Sonya and Toadie are to the show. We saw Sonya meet up with a pal who she’d met on Ziva but Toadie’s suspicions took him in a whole other direction when he suspected Sonya was meeting women for hook ups. The question on his mind was the Jerry Springer style question: Is my wife a lesbian? Thanks to some hilarious conversations with Kyle and then Sonya, where she claimed women fulfill her in ways Toadie can’t (!), he spilled the beans on his paranoia. Sonya, baffled but amused (even Nell chipped in saying “Silly Daddy” – aww) then decided to play up to his mistake and started calling women in magazines sexy, saying they were definitely her type. Such brilliant scenes show that Neighbours does comedy like no other. Classic.

Surprise Return

er33_0004_BackgroundThis week brought the much-awaited return of fan’favourite, classic character Hilary Robinson and we were delighted to see her again! Her return earlier this year was all too brief and we were left disappointed when she didn’t turn up to Daniel and Amber’s non-wedding with an acidic comment and quick-witted barb, as she promised. So it was great to see her turn up out of the blue this week to offer some progress in the search for Amy Williams, as well as continuing to be a thorn in the side of Paul. Just like last time, the character lifted every scene she appeared in and even better were the number of scenes shared with Naomi (and a bouncing B2) as they discussed business and Hilary cast her judgement on recent goings-on. Though we were very sad to see her take lovely B2 back to the retirement village with her, we really hope it won’t be a long wait before we see her again. In just one episode Anne Scott-Pendlebury proved what an asset she could be on a more permanent basis and we’d love to see it happen. With Tom Oliver departing the regular cast, now is the perfect time.

Darker Times

er33_0002_Layer-2Ezra’s reign of terror over the Lassiter’s complex was brought to an end this week as Terese finally got the justice she deserved. The plot with Terese and Ezra kicked the year off to a great start and the surprisingly dark implications led to some powerful scenes. However, Ezra quickly departed without Terese getting closure or managing to get Ezra locked up, so we’ve really enjoyed his recent return and the chance for justice to prevail. Though it was wrapped up reasonably quickly in the end, we loved the added later that Clem and Chloe brought to the plot, as well as the great scene where Terese urged Chloe to speak out against Ezra over webcam. While ‘rape’ was never mentioned as is the usual Neighbours rule, by frankly referring to the attempted assaults we were left in no doubt about what he tried to do to Terese and Chloe – a refreshing change from past stories of this ilk. We’ve championed the darker plots featured in Neighbours’ last 18 months and this was no exception and a welcome return to prominence for Terese.


Dippy Dating

er33_0001_Layer-3Perhaps with his good looks and his torso always on show Mark Brennan has never had to try hard to woo the ladies, but it’s hard to believe that he really is as clueless as he seemed this week. He certainly had his horizons broadened this week with dates to the polo and an art gallery but when it came to taking other’s advice he seems ridiculously naive. Did he really think Naomi would enjoy a garage course – run by his brother, no less – with his ex standing by and watching. That would be bad enough for any date let alone someone like Naomi who knows her own mind and is high maintenance – in a good way. And just how far is Brennan going to let Paul and Paige pitch in before he realises he and Naomi are better apart? Don’t let it go as far as bedroom suggestions – please! Grow a backbone Mark, you’re supposed to be this hunky cop who lived alone under witness protection. You’re looking pretty wet.

Baby Blues

er33_0003_Layer-1Oh dear, another week, another Amber related blackhole of awful scenes. Where to start? Despite Tyler singlehandedly trying to save the plot earlier in the week thanks to a couple of absolutely fantastic comic touches, it quickly descended into the same old nonsense. Daniel and Josh’s battle of the egos continues to damage both characters and frankly, we find their mutual treatment of Amber as a possession to be owned to be extremely detrimental to their likeability. However, it’s Amber who manages to be the worst of the lot thanks to her complete lack of a backbone. If she was any sort of character, she’d tell both to get lost but instead, she moans, she whines, and this week, ran away. Sadly not for good. The pregnancy could have been a story that changed Amber from the better but sadly only highlights the character’s dependence on the men in her life as her only defining characteristic.


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