Scene of the Week – 25-29 May 2015

sceneof theweek
The devil child arrived in Erinsborough this week, and more specifically, Erinsborough High. Clem, the son of the dastardly Ezra, became a pupil of Brad’s (the only teacher in the only classroom of the school). How unfortunate for poor Mr Willis, who flounders in the profession at the best of times, to be face to face with a seemingly quiet and unassuming child who ended up being closer to Joffrey Baratheon than a star pupil. Our scene of the week came when Clem called Terese a ‘scrag’ and continued to belittle her to Brad’s face, making this angelic faced boy so very hateable. It was a bit chilling the way it was delivered and although Brad continued to prove himself to be unprofessional (as all Neighbours teachers do), we’re surprised he didn’t reach forward and throttle Clem.


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