Hits and Misses – 25-29 May 2015



Comedy Heaven

er33_0004_BackgroundIf there’s one thing we really missed during Eve Morey’s maternity leave, it was more of the fantastic, natural comedy between Toadie and Sonya so we were delighted when it was back in full force this week. True to form, the fun and humour between the characters works because it’s so simple. The hilarious mixed-up present is a classic comedy staple and rather than have us rolling our eyes at it, we were grinning as Sonya desperately tried to convince Susan of her yummy mummy status and Toadie reacted in horror at the thought of Angie opening a sexy outfit from her son. Ryan and Eve’s chemistry is effortless and the pair are a joy to watch. With every passing plot, we are further convinced they are indeed, the younger version of Karl and Susan. And after a run of quite dramatic stories for the pair, the comedy was much appreciated – and long may it continue.

We Love Nate

er33_0000_Layer-4It’s no secret that we love Nate and as we’ve said recently, we were worried about the future of the character once Chris left. It’s fair to say that there wasn’t a great amount of integration with the cast which it’s why it’s been great recently to see his bond with Susan revisited, a bromace with Tyler brewing, a potential new friendship with Imogen – and this week, lots of scenes with Sonya and Sheila. The latter worked great together as they found themselves butting heads as Ezra continued his reign of terror in the Lassiter’s complex and it’s always fun to see Sheila spar against someone who isn’t afraid to give as good as he gets, like Nate. However, the main reason Nate is a hit for us this week were due to his fantastic scenes with Sonya. As they attempted to boost business via an array of fruit costumes, the pair pair had us smiling – and frankly, Bossy and B2 chasing Nate through the complex won’t be an image soon forgotten. It’s a shame Nate’s time working with Sonya has drawn to a close because we think they could be the BFF the other badly needs. More of their scenes please!

Truth Bombs

er33_0002_Layer-2Our thoughts on Daniel and Amber, and by extension, the baby plot of doom are well known and don’t need repeating. Suffice to say it’s the only real weak plot in the show and continues to bring out the worst in the characters involved. However, this week we were delighted when characters finally stopped handling Daniel and Amber with kid gloves and started delivering some much-needed truth bombs. Despite her own role in trying to keep the baby’s paternity hidden, we couldn’t help but cheer Paige on as she ripped into Daniel for his silly treasure hunt on his wedding day. It’s such a nice change to see someone take Daniel to task on his immaturity and nauseating ‘free spiritedness.’ As good as that scene was, nothing compared to Imogen finally lashing out and telling Amber what’s been on all our minds. Whilst Amber has played the victim through and through (and forgiven far too easily) we loved Imogen reminding Amber that her current situation has arisen from a complete lack of trust in Daniel and her own infidelity. It takes two to tango after all, and Amber and Daniel would do well to remember this in their treatment of Josh!


Crush Cringe

er33_0003_Layer-1If one Willis/Turner love plot isn’t vomit inducing enough, in roll in Brad and Lauren. Take two. Or three. Ever since they returned to the street they’ve fluttered around each other, coy looks, deep and meaningfuls and proceeded to shut out their respective other halves. The kiss and Paige’s arrival lead to serious marital breakdowns but both families got through it – yay! But now Matt’s dead and Terese’s away, harrassed and jobless. We all knew where this was going and at this blog we’re not fans. Okay, it was inevitable. Lauren has acted all along like Brad was her first choice, The One That Got Away (let’s just ignore Brad’s actual first love Beth Brennan shall we, eh?!) and made eyes at him forever. Brad is generally a poor and weak willed husband who uses Lauren as a mumsy emotional crutch. We’re just not feeling it. Their connection might be genuine but all their soft-lighting, mood music, wine and nostalgic chats just feels desperate. Embarrassing! We’ve been here before and we seriously struggle to root for what is basically a grown woman with a twenty year long crush. Just get over it! And as for Brad – if he can’t be a decent husband, hopefully Terese will move onto someone better.

Freaky Father

er33_0001_Layer-3Since Josh’s arrival we’ve lurched from absolutely hating him (when all his plots revolved around swimming and Amber) to loving him as a character. Now we’re in a strange limbo, clinging onto our previous affection for him whilst detesting this godforsaken baby plot. This week he really tested our affections and we were left seriously disliking him and finding his attitude super creepy. On finding out Amber’s spawn might be his it was like he had a chance to win Commonwealth gold again and his glee made us feel really uncomfortable. In fact his boundless positivity and understanding was Daniel levels of optimistic vibes. It just looked very weird on Josh and if Daniel had tried to lash out at him again we wouldn’t have been surprised. It wasn’t even over-eagerness or smugness coming across, just creepily attached. When he kept talking and talking we doubled over cringing. What a disaster this baby plot is.


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