Scene of the Week – 18-22 May 2015

sceneof theweek


We haven’t chosen a comedy Neighbours scene of the week in a while but we couldn’t let this one go unnoticed. In a classic Neighbours funny plot, Kyle caught a stomach bug from gorgeous little Nell and spent the start of the week struggling to get by without gassing the whole street (and worse), meaning he wasn’t able to attend his very important business meeting. Enter Georgia! In a strange but hilarious turn of events Georgia pretended to be Kyle’s business partner and in doing so wore a check shirt and butched up in her best impression of Kyle. We’re not really sure why they didn’t tell the truth or why Georgia was pretending to be a female version of her husband, but we didn’t really mind. Once Sheila was added into the mix it was a perfect comedy combination. Georgia does tend to great but as we’ve seen in the past, she’s at her best when she’s role playing!


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