Hits and Misses – 18-22 May 2015



Hit and Fun

er32_0000_Layer-5At the moment it seems like Neighbours can do no wrong when it comes to Imogen’s interactions and this week we saw an entirely new one in a rivalry turned friendship with Nate. At first the loggerheads over cycling versus driving seemed to come out of nowhere but after Imogen caused Nate’s little bike accident, we were grateful of the sniping and then fun scenes. Obviously they clashed – Nate’s cool and laidback and Imogen’s definitely not which she proved with her legal jargon spouting and then very earnest attempts to make it up to him – but once the air had thawed, their friendship was much needed. Imogen deserves a friend that isn’t attached to the very complicated love mess and with Nate being gay there’s no chance he can complicate her fragile heart either. It was nice he was there to give her a friendly ear as well as make her laugh. We hope they stay friends!

Ezra in Erinsborough

er32_0003_Layer-3We said goodbye to one villain the other week, nasty Dr Nick, only to say hello (again) to another this week – Ezra, back to taunt Terese and make her life hell. We’re huge fans of Terese and although she left quickly this week after Ezra’s arrival, we already enjoyed his sinister appearance in Erinsborough. Once again he’s the type of villain Neighbours really excells at – the one you want everyone to rally against and see their true colours. Within one short day of his arrival Ezra was already harrassing Terese and Brad and making sure she was belittled and demoted at every point. Our only concern is that with Terese gone to visit Piper, Lauren and Brad could grow suspiciously close. Watch out Terese – Ezra might have a bigger impact than you already thought!

Naomi’s Heartache

er32_0002_Layer-4Oh Naomi, Naomi, Naomi. Look how far she’s come. When she arrived, she was truly a breath of fresh air and we adored her. However, her crush on Toadie (although it was great TV) brought out the worst in the character as she sought to bag another married man via underhand means. Since then the character has really blossomed: warm, loving and really trying to find love with someone who respects her and loves her back without lies, adultery and manipulation. Therefore we were sad to see Paul dump Naomi this week by Sheila’s request, just as their relationship was beginning to hot up. We hate to see Naomi heartbroken and while we’re not yet entirely sold on the idea of her relationship with Paul turning romantic, it’s a shame to see the character tossed aside when she’s finally being open, honest and vulnerable. Even if she doesn’t reunite with Paul, we hope she’s not thrown into the Mark, Paige and Tyler triangle, which is complicated enough as it is.


Flat Tyres

er32_0001_Layer-2The Dimato plot has been rumbling on for some time now particularly by Neighbours standards and it certainly didn’t get off to a strong start. Matt and Brennan weren’t fitting or particularly interesting protagonists and frankly, the less said about Dimato himself the better. Phase two of the storyline seems to be doing its best to make up for some of these shortcomings by trading Mark for his more spirited brother, Matt for his much, much more spirited stepdaughter and awful Dimato for the fantastic, fiery Michelle. The latter has been a joy to watch and although the villain of the piece is really lifting scenes and has brought a great energy to a somewhat less than amazing plot. Tyler and Paige, much as we like them as individuals, can’t really do much with the story and at the end of the day, what twists and turns can you really eek out of a plot about stolen car parts? Apart from several close calls with Mark, that’s about it. Our advice would be to bring this plot to a quick but keep Michelle around to cause some havoc.

Repeat Offender

er32_0004_Layer-1We’ve mentioned time and again that we don’t like Amber and in particular, her relationship with Daniel – which really brings out the worst in what should have been a great, iconic character. That was nowhere more evident this week as Daniel discovered Amber’s paternity lie and realised he may not be the father. Rather than breaking the pair up (something much craved by the audience judging by the response to their relationship) Daniel forgave Amber and turned his anger on Josh. Josh, as ever, seems a real victim of ‘Danber’ whether he’s moping around after Amber, or even worse this week, terrorised by him and Amber as he developed his friendship with Danni. Yes, it is insensitive but time and again, Daniel and Amber were insensitive to Josh’s feelings. Time and again they flaunted their relationship in front of him. And time and again they’ve told him to butt out of their relationship. When he finally does? He is attempted to be driven out of The Waterhole and receives a smack in the mouth. We’re glad Josh didn’t retaliate and be painted as the villain of the piece but he certainly has the patience of a saint.


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